The Stack: Bob Iger Returns to Disney; Meta in Hot Water Again Over Collecting Users' Data

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This week: Disney reappoints Bob Iger as its CEO, Meta faces legal action in the UK for collecting user data against their wishes...

Another dramatic week in ad tech began with the reappointment of Bob Iger as Disney CEO. Iger replaces Bob Chapek, who ruffled feathers during his almost three-year tenure (hear more about that in this week's MadTech Podcast).

Never far from the limelight, however, Meta made headlines throughout the week - none of them good. From a new lawsuit in the UK over its collection of user data to the revelation that Facebook collected sensitive data from US tax filing websites, the social media giant has landed in hot water once again. Quelle surprise. The tech titan closed the week under continued scrutiny from Germany's FTO, despite adapting its VR headset to offset the regulators' concerns.

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