The Stack: Amazon Shutters Wholesale Distributor in India; Meta Fined by Irish DPC

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This week: Amazon Distribution to shut down in India, Meta fined by Irish DPC over data privacy…

Another troublesome week for ad tech began with the news that Amazon is closing its wholesale distributor in India. By shuttering Amazon Distribution, the tech giant has fuelled rumours that it is withdrawing from the region. Meta also made headlines this week after Ireland’s DPC served the social media behemoth with a €265m (~£228.7m) fine. The fine concludes a DPC investigation into how Meta handles user data, which was launched after the personal data of over half a million users was published on a hacking website in 2019.

Twitter also tiptoed dangerously close to a fine as the European Commission warned the company must “significantly increase” its compliance with online legislation. The warning came after the company quietly abandoned its policy to prevent misleading information about Covid-19 from being posted on the platform.

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