• How Can Education Address the Gender Gap in Our Industry?

    It is no secret there is an issue with the representation of women in the technology industry, with varying opinions around how this can change. Lauren Jones, specialist, business development & global expansion, MediaMath tells ExchangeWire the key is education, education, education.

    In the US, fewer than a quarter (25%) of jobs in STEM fields are held by women, while in the UK this is even lower, at one-in-seven (14%).

    Diversity in tech organisations is lacking; and we still do not have [...]

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  • Boost in E-commerce Sales for Back-to-School Season; Women Working in STEM Need More Incentives

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Boost in e-commerce sales for back-to-school season; Women working in STEM need more incentives; Publishers choosing ‘sponsored’ over ‘promoted’.

    Boost in e-commerce sales for back-to-school season

    E-commerce retail sales in the US will climb to USD$65.42bn (£49.97bn) for the back-to-school season, a new study published by Rakuten Marketing finds. This equates [...]

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  • Five Ways to Train the Next Generation of Programmatic Talent

    Whether it’s a brand looking to build an in-house programmatic buying function, or a media agency enhancing and growing their existing team, there remains one important resource needed to achieve success: talent. In this piece, Michelle Chen (pictured below), director, learning and development, TubeMogul reveals to Exchangewire five top tips on how to source, recruit, and train programmatic talent.

    1. Transparent and flexible

    Every day is different in the field of programmatic ad buying. So, someone who likes structure and set patterns may not be [...]

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  • Xaxis EMEA CEO Caspar Schlickum Appointed as CEO of Wunderman APAC

    Today (5 July), Wunderman have announced that Caspar Schlickum (pictured), the current CEO of Xaxis EMEA, will be joining Wunderman as CEO of the APAC region. 

    Wunderman, the WPP-owned global digital agency, are bringing in Schlickum to oversee their Asia-Pacific operations, which encompasses 1,000 people across 28 offices in 14 countries, responsible for developing and expanding the agency’s offering and role, with an emphasis on digital data-driven marketing.

    Schlickum will be joining Wunderman in September; maintaining his position at the helm at Xaxis, [...]

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  • Should Gender Equality in Ad Tech Be a Discussion Topic at ATS London?

    Over the last few weeks, the ExchangeWire team have been drawing up the agenda for this year’s ATS London. One of the topics up for consideration is gender equality, which has stimulated some lively debates in the office. Unable to decide whether to add this to the agenda, we have decided to present the arguments for and and against, and invite our readers – ATS London attendees – to share their views using the comments box at the end [...]

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  • Are STEM Graduates a Good Match for Ad Agencies?

    The role of an agency media planner and buyer is going through an evolution. Deals over the phone and signed IOs are shifting to big data, predictive modelling, and real-time bidding. As a result, the typical agency hires are required to diversify to ensure they can not only keep up with, but also lead the charge in this changing environment. 

    The IPA have recently launched an admission programme designed to address this shift, offering paid internships to STEM (science, technology, engineering, [...]

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  • Inspirational Women in Technology

    Women make it in technology. It happens every day. Deservedly so, the spotlight has historically focussed on high-profile women, such as Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg, whose positions at the top of the technology world is lauded as the universal goal for women in the industry.

    Yet, such lofty aspirations can seem overwhelming for women hoping to embark on a career in technology. The reality is, there are a number of equally inspirational and successful female professionals throughout the industry, who [...]

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  • How Can EU Ad Tech Companies Crack the US Market?

    Expansion into the US is an aspiration for many budding ad tech companies that have put down roots in EU markets. But, with cross-border barriers to entry and stiff competition in the home market, how can these EU ad techs make a success of it? ExchangeWire spoke to Mike Kerans (pictured below), managing partner, C.R.O. Partners, New York-based specialists in growing revenue for digital media and technology companies. Kerans gave the straight-talking lowdown on the common mistakes made and the three key [...]

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  • Agency Skill Sets Most in Demand with Brand Advertisers

    Developments in technology are accelerating at a huge rate. To deliver efficient and effective advertising, brands need to keep up with this pace; but how can they maintain the level of expertise required? Antti Pasila (pictured below), CCO and founder, Kiosked, tells ExchangeWire that, according to Kiosked’s research, agency skill sets are in great demand with brand marketers.

    Flashing, blinking, desktop somersaulting and noisy ads are irritating and can raise the blood pressure of the calmest among us. Think about the [...]

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  • 50% Using Programmatic to Buy Mobile; 39% Believe Skill Shortage is Holding Back Growth

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: 50% using programmatic to buy mobile; 39% believe skill shortage is holding back growth; and video set to overtake display banners on mobile.

    Half of marketers using programmatic to buy mobile inventory

    In the UK, half of marketers are using programmatic to purchase mobile inventory. However, 44% reported [...]

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