• Musk Seeks USD$3bn for Twitter Debt; ASML Head Calls for “Sensible” Controls on Chips to China

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Elon Musk explores raising USD$3bn (~£2.4bn) to pay off Twitter debt; the head of Europe's ASML calls on The Hague for “sensible” controls on chip exports to China; and Injective launches USD$150m (~£121.4m) ecosystem fund. Musk [...]

  • Is Web3 the next phase of the internet - or just a phase?

    Discussions around Web3 have really picked up pace. Whether it's just dipping their toes in blockchain, or taking the plunge into the metaverse, many brands and advertisers have started to take the opportunities seriously. The medium’s most ardent supporters tout [...]

  • Defining the Metaverse

    In association with Alkimi Exchange The Metaverse has become firmly cemented into public consciousness – it was ranked second in the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2022 Word of The Year. But what actually is it? Does it even exist yet? And is [...]

  • Where in the World is Web3?

    Touted by some as the next stage of the internet, Web3 is a hot topic across ad tech and beyond. The integration of Web3 technology into the world wide web is already making plenty of headway: in 2021, the Global [...]

  • Robinhood Launches Independent Media Brand; SoftBank-GoMechanic Deal Collapses

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Robinhood launches a new independent media brand; SoftBank pulls out of its GoMechanic deal following due diligence checks; and Roblox's reported increase of daily active users sees shares grow. Robinhood launches Sherwood media brand Retail media platform [...]

  • How will Web3 develop in 2023?

    Declared “the next chapter of the internet overall” by Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg, Web3 has proven a divisive area of ad tech. While decentralisation is touted by some as a silver bullet to the monopoly of big tech companies, others [...]

  • ExchangeWire’s 2023 predictions

    December is here, and it’s traditional at this time of year to start looking ahead, thinking about what’s set to characterise the coming 12 months, making plans, and allotting budgets. Starting Monday 5th December, we’ll be running our annual predictions pieces. [...]

  • SoftBank Raises USD$22bn as it Reduces Alibaba Stake; UK Ministers Urged to Ditch TikTok 

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: SoftBank raises USD$22bn as it sells off Alibaba stake; senior UK ministers are urged to leave TikTok due to data privacy concerns; and Binance names Yi He as the new head of its VC arm [...]

  • The Power and Potential of Web3 – Q&A with Ben Putley, Alkimi Exchange

    At ATS London 2022, Ben Putley, co-founder and CEO of Alkimi Exchange, delivered a keynote speech focusing on the benefits of decentralisation and the potential offered by web3. In this follow-up Q&A, Putley outlines the evolution of the internet from web1 [...]