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ATS NYC 2016 - Can the Combination of Creative and Programmatic Yield Better Results for Marketers?

At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s head of content, Lindsay Rowntree moderated a discussion between  Julian Baring, general manager – North America, Adform and Erica Schmidt, managing director, North America, Cadreon on the topic of creative and programmatic, asking whether combining creative and programmatic can yield better results for marketers.

This panel discussion covers:
– The true meaning of combining creative and programmatic
– How connected creative and programmatic execution are currently
– Where the sticking points currently lie and what’s stopping this from becoming a reality
– Where the responsibility should lie for ensuring they are connected
– What has caused the view that people on either side often say that data and programmatic buying doesn’t mix with creativity and how we can change this perception
– How automation impacts creativity
– How advertisers can win with combining programmatic and creativity
– Whether measurement exists to effectively harness the power of the creativity and the delivery combined
– In-market examples, where marketers are effectively combining creative and programmatic