IAB Europe's Townsend Feehan on the EU-US Privacy Shield, eBay, and AdGate

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On this week’s episode of The MadTech Podcast, ExchangeWire’s Rachel Smith and Lindsay Rowntree are joined by Townsend Feehan, CEO at IAB Europe, to discuss the latest news in ad tech and martech.

In this week’s episode:

The European Court of Justice has invalidated its privacy agreement with the US, known as the EU-US Privacy Shield, which enabled entities to transfer data internationally to the US under the assurance that data subjects’ rights were being protected. However, the ECJ has now ruled that surveillance laws in the US are too far reaching for the privacy shield to have an impact, and so is no longer valid. This means that data can still be transferred, but responsibility for the protection of data subjects’ rights will rest with the companies that own that data. The case was brought forward an Austrian lawyer and data protection activist, Max Schrems, who cited the obligation that Facebook have to pass data on to US surveillance agencies – the FBI and CIA – as evidence that the privacy shield is not adequate.

– eBay has launched a new audience targeting product called eBay Advanced Audience Technology. The product is a response to the depreciation of the third party cookie and the need to apply first-party data for segmentation and targeting purposes, and uses eBay’s own shopper data and user profiles to target consumers. The solution is thought to not only assist marketers with ad targeting within the eBay marketplace, but also with searching for suitable new audiences by providing much more granular contextual targeting than that offered by standard DMPs. The product will also make retargeting more efficient and effective, eliminating the usual retargeting challenges that cause users to see ads for products they have already bought, since the offering will exist within the eBay market place based on user profiles.

An advertiser funded paywall – AdGate – has been launched in Australia. The paywall appears part-way through content on publisher sites, asking the readers to pay to continue reading the content. A follow-on from the concept of micropayments or reward/incentivised advertising, the advertiser only pays the publisher if the content is interacted with. Thought to increase revenue for both publishers and advertisers, the concept is also favoured as a way of highlighting the value exchange between consumer, content and monetisation. If successful, the solution could offer a viable way for publishers to diversify their revenue streams.

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