• The MadTech WebCast: Nate Woodman on the Quandary of Identity in a Privacy-First World

    Make sure you catch the third episode of the MadTech WebCast from ExchangeWire, where Nate Woodman and Ciaran O’Kane share their thoughts on identity, one of the industry’s top priorities in 2020. With first-party data environments soon to become the norm, will it be possible to solve identity whilst adhering to privacy requirements, and provide scale? During this 30 minute session, you’ll discover: – What the authenticated, anonymous and trusted web means – How measurement might be solved – What cold rooms are, and how these can help – [...]

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  • The MadTech Webcast: Tom Simpson on APAC Ad Tech

    Don’t miss the second webcast from ExchangeWire, keeping you in the know during these unprecedented times. In this week’s MadTech Webcast, ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane chats with AdColony APAC’s Tom Simpson about how the industry is responding to the ongoing pandemic. During this 30 minute session they’ll discuss: – how marketers are tackling their goals during this time of crisis; – what the advertising and marketing industry looks like in APAC at the moment; and – what the near- to mid-term implications are for the industry. [...]

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  • The MadTech Webcast: Jay MacDonald on The Future of Ad Tech M&A

    On the very first episode of The MadTech Webcast, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane is joined by Jay MacDonald, CEO/Managing Advisor at Digital Capital Advisors, LLC, to discuss the big issues facing MadTech as we endure one of the most volatile economic periods we have seen in decades. In this webinar O’Kane and MacDonald discuss: – Global M&A trends in MadTech – Possible consolidation of the Ad Tech tech stack – Who will win and lose in the new environment and who is going to [...]

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