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Jesh Sukhwani, Managing Director, Xaxis China Discusses Rolling Out Their Solution in the Region

Why is Xaxis rolling out its solution in the Chinese market?

We have been planning our China launch for quite some time now. Part of that planning included in-depth conversations with our GroupM agencies and clients. These conversations made clear that a need and demand for audience-planned campaigns exists. Both agencies and clients were keen on extending the existing Xaxis offering into China. The online digital advertising market in China is estimated at approximately ¥80 billion (£8.1bn), with growth rates of between 50-60%.

What will the Xaxis model be in China? Will it be similar to Europe and the US?

Each of the markets that we enter is different, but our model remains the same: leverage data and technology to help agencies and clients reach and engage with audiences at scale. We work with our clients to clearly define campaign goals and then deliver on those goals. This will be the same in China.

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Effective Measure's James Robertson Discusses The Adoption Of Digital Measurement In The APAC Region & The Company's Evolving Solution

James Robertson, Founder & Senior VP Market Development at Effective Measure International. Here he gives some insight into adoption of digital measurement in the region, its effect on the digital space and the role played by Effective Measure.

The pace of change in the digital sphere is accelerating in the APAC region, is digital measurement keeping up?

There is no doubt globally that digital measurement has challenges that it has to overcome and keep working at. The proliferation of people having multiple devices to access the internet with, including the rise of tablet computing and increased smartphone usage certainly adds to that challenge of being able to measure a digital individual. The multiplicity of digital environments that a consumer engages with at any one time will constantly shift and measurement needs to be agile enough to keep pace.

As an industry I believe we are certainly keeping up, but digital measurement is a constantly moving target. I would like to say that as an industry we are innovating to stay ahead of the game, but I feel the current status quo is that we keep up with what is becoming mainstream today, not necessarily looking at what that will be in the next 6 – 18 months.

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Publicis Groupe Acquires Resultrix, India's Leading Performance Marketing Agency

Publicis Groupe announced yesterday the acquisition of Resultrix, an award-winning digital marketing agency with an international footprint in India, Singapore, the UAE and the USA. This acquisition strengthens both Publicis Groupe’s presence in India as well as its digital dominance.

Resultrix was founded in 2008 and has aggressively grown to be the leading performance marketing agency in several strategic markets including India and the US. Resultrix employs over 100 specialists across its global offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Seattle and Dubai. The agency provides a full suite of services, including search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, online media, web design, analytics, media-buying, social media strategy, and mobile marketing; with a differentiated set of performance-based business models. Resultrix’s clientele comprises both international and local brands including: Corbis Corporation, Bupa, Standard Chartered Bank, Airtel, Cleartrip, DBS Bank and Emirates National Bank, among others.

Resultrix will operate as a unit within Performics, under the name ‘Resultrix, a Performics Company’. Its founders, Vidur Luthra, CEO, and Gulrez Alam, COO, will continue to lead the agency and will report into Daina Middleton, Global CEO for Performics and Gareth Mulryan, Managing Director of Performics, Asia Pacific.

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11 July 2012 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Vivaki's Ros Allison Discusses Cross-Platform Buying Strategy, AOD’s Multi-Platform Addressability And The Growth Of The Data-Driven Ad Market In The Region

Ros Allison is a Director at Vivaki. Here she discusses Vivaki’s cross-platform approach in the APAC marketplace, AOD’s multi platform addressability and the growth of the data-driven market in the region.

You’ve recently launched a world first offering in the addressable media space, with the multi platform capability through Audience On Demand. Is it a platform? Or a service? Could you outline its proposition and does this mean big changes to the current advertising landscape for advertisers?

We’re now buying multi platform, multi device campaigns, across mobile, video, display and tablet channels, in real time. It’s the first true cross platform execution – fully optimized in real time and executed within a single platform.

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James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA, Asks If The Rapid Growth In Online Video Means TV Has Lost Its Ability To Deliver Both Audience & Cost Effectiveness

James ZipeureJames Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) discusses how  online video is now worth $1.5B + across Asia Pacific region, and with the likes of Sony investing in IPTV and telcos decreasing barriers to entry via pre-paid, faster downloads and video advertising platform based technology now makes video real contender to TV.  Zipeure puts forward how greater emphasis must be placed on real-time analytics and fast tracking the shift in buying patterns through real-time optimization and deep transparency across ads, content, viewers and performance and goes onto discuss whether there is way TV and video advertising can work hand in hand.

Once upon a time when TV advertising first started, it signified a new era for brands.  TV delivered an incredibly effective way of getting a message out to a load of people really quickly.  TV soon became a must have for marketers and advertisers alike.  Now, 80 years on TV is still going strong – the global TV advertising market is worth $169B and increasing with the Asia Pacific market is now worth roughly $62B.  Over the past decade though we have seen extraordinary growth in new communications channels – in particular online – and more recently online video which has fuelled the arguments that TV is losing its ability to deliver both audience and cost effectiveness due to the divergence of consumer media consumption and in particular viewing habits.

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1 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Nick Gill, Commercial Director, Marin Software, APAC On Search, Display, Retargeting, Managing The Attribution Models & The Rapid Growth Of The Australian Market

Nick Gill Commercial Director for Marin Software, APAC on their recent launch into the Australian market. He discusses how their expansion from search into the Google Display Network, Facebook and YouTube and partnership with Criteo (retargeting) means advertisers can now manage all their biddable media including workflow, analytics and optimisation from one interface. With their success to date he highlights while this year they have opened offices in Sydney, Singapore and Paris, there are more to come.

Marin has recently moved into Australia – why Australia? What other markets is Marin servicing in the APAC region?

Marin chose to expand into Australia for primarily two reasons. One, several existing customers of ours have offices in Australia and having an “on the ground” presence allows us to better serve them. Second, Australia has a strong, growing market and an office in Australia allows us to better partner with agencies and brands in the area. In addition to Australia, Marin has an office Singapore.

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6 September 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Peter Mycock, Managing Director, Criteo Australia Discusses Criteo’s Australian Expansion, Scalable Personalised Retargeting, Increasing Publisher’s Yields & Why Technology And Analytics Will Continue To Be Critical Elements Within Online Advertising Investment

Peter Mycock is Managing Director for Criteo Australia and is spearheading Criteo’s expansion into the Australian market. Here he discusses how Criteo’s personalised retargeting offering is really an expansion of search and how the integration with both Kenshoo and Marin allow advertisers to manage both search and acquisition through one interface.

He goes onto explain how Criteo increases publishers yield and says in some cases pays rates which compete with premium campaigns. He also forecasts video to become the largest online format by 2014.

Criteo has recently moved into Australia – why Australia? What other markets is Criteo servicing in the APAC region?

The Australian market is another important territory for Criteo and an integral part of our APAC expansion, which also includes Japan and Korea. Australia is a compelling market for Criteo, driven by the growth in ecommerce, continued advertiser focus on profitable and relevant customer acquisition, and as a way to support our global partners who are keen to leverage this proven solution locally.

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Jordan Khoo Regional Director, APAC, MediaMind On The DG Acquisition, Optimising TV Ad Spend & Data Driven Display In APAC

Jordan Khoo, MediaMind’s Regional Director for APAC, discusses how DG and MediaMind bring the ability to traffic online and TV video assets through one vendor, the strong growth of video and mobile in the region and the challenge of scaling data-driven display in Australia and APAC.

Can you give an overview of MediaMind’s offering in Australia and the wider APAC region?

MediaMind’s focus in APAC is to be the campaign management platform of choice for leading agencies in the region. We started with rich media and quickly expanded to offer cross channel 3rd party ad-serving across display, search, in-stream & mobile. We have also recently launched our full service DSP solution in APAC.

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Kate Clough, MRM Worldwide Regional Media Director APAC, On Media Buying In APAC And The Chinese Display Market

Kate Clough is Regional Media Director, APAC at MRM Worldwide. Here in an interview with ExchangeWire APAC, Clough gives an insight into the Chinese display market, the third biggest after the US and Japan.

Can you give an overview of MRM’s offering in the APAC region?

MRM is a global technology-driven marketing solutions provider with clearly defined practices, including strategy, site and content development, digital media, CRM, measurement and analytics. We create, execute, measure and optimize experiences that contribute to our clients’ marketing objectives and ignite passion for their brands.

The regional media team, which I manage, provides A-to-Z media services, focusing primarily on digital platforms: vertical sites/portals/networks, paid search, natural search, social media, mobile and others. The core team includes native Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English speakers, with broad knowledge of Asian markets, while the extended team, on-the-ground in key markets like Thailand and India, ensure linguistic accuracy, understanding of local trends, ties with the local media and so on.

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