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4 April 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Don’t Get Tripped Up By Data Privacy When Entering The German Market

germanyWith 33% of German consumers choosing not to engage with a website over privacy concerns, Ken Parnham, managing director, EMEA for TRUSTe, explains just how serious an issue privacy is in Europe’s biggest untapped market.

With the increase of programmatic buying and the online bidding landscape growing in the German market, more US based companies are looking to expand into Germany and take advantage of increased activity in the country’s booming online ad marketplace.

The traditional ad-tech expansion route for a US company is to launch in the US market, open an office in the UK and then expand into Germany, using the German market as the springboard for the rest of Europe. The route is the most logical one however there is a major issue companies should be aware of: German attitudes and legislation around consumer privacy are very different than in the UK and the US.
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13 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

‘Big Data As A Cure All Needs To Be Treated With Caution’

BigDataTakako Elliot, Mindshare’s client director; and Malcolm Murdoch, Mindshare, director of digital data and performance, discuss big data, its potential, possible deficits introduced by the emergence of mobile, plus how attempts to overcome them can lead to a potential backlash from both consumers and regulators.

Big Data is frequently presented as the solution to the many questions facing the marketing industry at the moment. Data based media buying has grown significantly over the last few years, and already accounts for 14% of online display ad sales, and spend in this area is expected to triple in the next three years.
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11 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

How Will Marketers Buy And Sell Media in 2020?

vidWhat will it take to win in 2020? Looking six years into the future of digital media is no easy task, argues Scott Ferber, Videology, CEO.

Three years ago, who could have predicted that 40% of all US brands would use programmatic buying platforms as our recent online advertising survey showed? And today, many major agency holding companies are projecting that within the next three years, 30 to 50% of all media buying will be automated.
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29 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 3 Comments

Weve Bids To Woo Brand Spend To Mobile With Verified First-Party Data

weve46_460Weve, the joint venture (JV) company between the three-largest UK mobile operators, has lifted the lid on a mobile display ad pilot with Tesco as the participating brand, as the industry’s move towards mobile devices gathers pace.

Weve – a joint venture between EE, Telefonica’s O2 and Vodafone – has announced a three-month trial that will see it serve display ads on mobile web pages and apps to its 22 million-strong subscriber base (80% of the addressable market).
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24 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

fb-mobile-icon2ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

Facebook tests mobile ad network

1. It’s been yet another eventful week in the ad tech industry with some of the industry’s largest names continuing to make waves, with Facebook revealing that it is testing an in-app mobile ad network with a select number of advertisers. This means that advertisers will be able to use Facebook targeting data to target mobile app users outside of the social network.
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17 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

DeCastroExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

1. Yahoo Parts Ways with COO De Castro Ahead Of Ad Exchange Roll-Out

Earlier this week it emerged that Yahoo has axed its former Chief Operating Officer Henrique De Castro (pictured), who headed up its display ad business, with speculation indicating that his exit is largely the result of his failure to significantly raise the company’s advertising revenues.

In a note obtained by press outlets, which has been accredited to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it looks unlikely that De Castro will be directly replaced. Yahoo is currently preparing to roll out its recently overhauled suite of advertising tools in Europe, including a new self-serve bidder that will look to offer Yahoo segments (built from a myriad of data sources, including search and email) exclusively through the solution. Quite how the exit of such a high profile figure will influence Yahoo’s sales pitches to advertisers remains unclear, but it will make for an interesting backdrop.

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17 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

French Regulator Gets Tough On Privacy, And Clients Demand Transparency

France.jpgSources indicate that data will be one of the hot topics of 2014, particularly as the French regulator begins to bear its teeth and advertisers begin to demand enhanced transparency. In short, the terms ‘privacy’ and ‘transparency’ could soon become as synonymous with France as its national rallying cry: ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’.

In the second instalment of a two-part examination of the French programmatic trading market, ExchangeWire consults sources who offer their opinions of what developments must take place if the sector is to fulfil its potential and defy an otherwise gloomy economic outlook there.

ExchangeWire’s earlier post in the series reported how sources within the programmatic media industry indicated the market was ripe for consolidation, especially in the wake of premium publisher alliances La Place Media and Audience Square significantly impacting the market in 2013.

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9 December 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

‘Cookie Deletion, Data Control & Growing ROI Online’, by Erich Wasserman, Co-founder, GM EMEA & APAC, MediaMath

MEDIA_MATCH_Headshot_London_0280[1]Data management is core to digital strategy today. Sophisticated marketers know that proper usage of their data is key to customer retention and upsell, and also provides the foundation required to gain new customers and grow business.

As a result of significant advances in technology of late, activating marketer data across every digital channel just got a great deal easier.

The reason data is so powerful is the scalability and effectiveness of its application to media: where once marketers could target customers’ post boxes, today, marketers can target their customers precisely across every digital marketing channel. We see the adoption of data management solutions by large global brands seeking to target their customers with dynamically produced and bespoke messaging with great success.

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18 October 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'Social Ads from Google, What Happens Next?’, by Glen Calvert, CEO, Affectv

Profile PicGoogle’s recent announcement that they will start to use your Google+ data within display ads has not surprisingly generated some debate. Any move that strays into the privacy arena will garner attention, and the prospect of your friends seeing your face in ads will generate discussion simply because it’s encroaching on an existing boundary. Are the concerns justified, or is this just the evolution of the web?

Why use social data in the first place?
Firstly, we’re inherently social. As well as spending a large proportion of our time within social networks, the majority of web products and services have social functionality to facilitate people sharing and connecting with each other. As a result, social data for advertisers is a constant stream of information on people, at scale.

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26 July 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

WireColumn: Data Privacy – the Industry Still Has its Head in the Sand

stu_coleman_wirecolumnStuart Colman is Managing Director, EMEA at Maxifier.

What an incredible decade it’s been for Big Data. Back in 2003, Tacoda (remember them?) was still pre-AOL, AudienceScience (then RevenueScience) had just launched in the UK with the Financial Times, and companies such as eXelate, AppNexus and MediaMath were years from being created, let alone becoming household names. We still did ’behavioural’ targeting, and RTB still stood for ‘raid the bar’.

Roll forward 10 years and we now have hundreds of companies whose entire existence is based on data-driven advertising. We have Goliaths such as Google and Adobe spending billions of dollars building end-to-end data-driven advertising stacks and (FYI) we have more acronyms describing our industry than you could shake a stick at (WTF? LOL). We know more about consumer behaviour, intent and interest than ever before and we have effective and efficient ways of actioning that insight to deliver bigger and better digital advertising campaigns. Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself would have been proud at the speed of our innovation and change.

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