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Stephen Hunt, Director Asia-Pacific, TubeMogul, Asks Whether The Online Video Industry Deserves To Take The Mantle From TV

Stephen Hunt TubeMogul’s Asia-Pacific Director talks candidly about the challenges the online video industry currently faces: demand outstripping supply; publishers holding on to unsold inventory to protect its value; and lack of transparency in video advertising and the industry’s absence of regulation e.g ‘fake pre-rolls’. But Hunt argues that the opportunity in online video advertising is huge, and is poised to attract huge amounts of brand budget in the coming years.

If the latest PwC figures are accurate, 2014 will be the year online advertising will surpass TV to become the biggest segment of the media pie in Australia.  A major driver of future growth is forecasted to be brand dollars flowing away from traditional TV into online video and connected TV.

With great power comes great responsibility, however, and the industry needs to create a quality ecosystem worthy of TV’s mantle.  We have the opportunity to be good, but we should strive to be great!

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12 December 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Bharad Ramesh, Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group On The Evolving Media Buying Landscape in APAC

Bharad Ramesh is the Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia for Starcom Mediavest Group. Here he discusses how the online media landscape is evolving in Asia. He talks about how digital is still not mainstream, how it sucks up a tremendous amount of client and staff bandwidth and explains why ad exchanges and DSPs will bring efficiency and scalability to media buying.

Can you give an overview of Starcom MediaVest Group’s offering in the APAC region?

Starcom MediaVest Group specializes in media planning and buying, communication strategy, consumer research, digital, branded entertainment and other diversified services.

What is your role and remit for SMG across the region respectively?

As Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading for Asia, I oversee both the enhancement of SMG’s working processes on multinational clients as well as trading opportunities in the marketplace across our spectrum of clients in the region.

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Phil Cowlishaw, Performance Media Director, Ikon Communications, Discusses The Recent Video Partnership With Tubemogul

Phil Cowlishaw is Performance Media Director at Ikon Communications. Here he discusses the recent Ikon video partnership with Tubemogul – and what it means for the market.

Can you give an overview of your recent partnership with TubeMogul’s PlayTime? What does the partnership add to Ikon’s overall offering in Australia?

Tube Mogul provides Ikon with a platform for real-time media buying across video in all forms; they are plugged into more sources of RTB video inventory than anyone in the market. Ikon is leveraging TubeMogul’s technology and reach to deliver efficient access to high quality video inventory on the web at scale. Partnering with TubeMogul allows Ikon to maximize impact for every campaign by deepening our understanding of how to use video to achieve brand objectives.

Why did TubeMogul choose Ikon as first foray into the Australian market?

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Marcus Tan Managing Director APAC Smaato On Mobile Advertising, Exchanges, Monetising Apps & APAC's Huge Market Potential

Marcus Tan, Managing Director APAC, Smaato discusses the mobile offering in APAC, introduction of RTB and the huge monetization potential for both app developers and publishers in the mobile display advertising space. Tan also flags Japan, Korea & China maturity in the mobile space makes them the most interesting markets to watch.

Can you give an overview of Smaato and its ‘Mobile Ad Cloud’ offering and strategy across the APAC region?

As the consumption of media differentiates and varies between individuals because of the easy access of the internet, it is difficult to ignore that advertising and marketing too has taken a leap into the mobile space and onto our mobile devices.

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