12 December 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Bharad Ramesh, Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group On The Evolving Media Buying Landscape in APAC

Bharad Ramesh is the Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia for Starcom Mediavest Group. Here he discusses how the online media landscape is evolving in Asia. He talks about how digital is still not mainstream, how it sucks up a tremendous amount of client and staff bandwidth and explains why ad exchanges and DSPs will bring efficiency and scalability to media buying.

Can you give an overview of Starcom MediaVest Group’s offering in the APAC region?

Starcom MediaVest Group specializes in media planning and buying, communication strategy, consumer research, digital, branded entertainment and other diversified services.

What is your role and remit for SMG across the region respectively?

As Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading for Asia, I oversee both the enhancement of SMG’s working processes on multinational clients as well as trading opportunities in the marketplace across our spectrum of clients in the region.

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24 October 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Wout Van Damme CEO, Funbox, On Being A Multi-Channel Performance Trading Desk, Reducing Advertiser’s Media Buying Risk & How TV Advertising Will Be Sold In An Auction Environment

Wout Van Damme is the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk and here he talks about the Funbox offering of a performance based media buying service across display, mobile, video, social, search and affiliate channels. He discusses how being platform agnostic allows continuous innovation, the ability to split test across exchanges and DSPs for the most effective inventory source and how advertisers work with them on a CPC, CPL, revenue share or CPW (Cost-Per-Whatever) basis.

Can you give an overview of Funbox exchange offering in the Australian and international markets?

We see there is a gap between advertisers who have a growing appetite for performance traffic and publishers who still want get paid on an impression basis. We bridge that gap, by buying traffic on a CPM basis and selling it to our clients on a performance basis, which can be CPC, CPL, CPA or revenue share, essentially we’re happy to run on a CPW (Cost – Per – Whatever) basis. While doing this we take away or reduce the media buying risk for advertisers. Funbox was founded in Sydney in 2004 as a direct response advertiser and started to use its knowledge and expertise to help other organizations succeed online 2 years ago. Funbox is based in Australia were the majority of the 25 employees reside, but operates globally and generates most of its revenue outside of the home market.

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18 October 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 4 Comments

Keiichi Tezuka, President & CEO of IponWeb Japan & Derek O’Neil, Chief Business Development Officer, IponWeb, Discuss IponWeb Japan's Success, Rapid Adoption of RTB & Trends In The Japanese Ad Exchange Marketplace

Keiichi Tezuka is President & CEO of IponWeb Japan and Derek O’Neil is Chief Business Development Officer for IponWeb, here they discuss IponWeb Japan – the joint venture between D.A.Consortium Inc.’s consolidated subsidiary, PlatformOne and IponWeb Holdings. They talk about the uniqueness of the Japanese market, the ‘astonishingly fast’ adoption of RTB and the dynamics and challenges of the Japanese market. They also highlight a move into the Chinese market is part of IponWeb Japan’s plan.

Can you give an overview of IponWeb Japan its offering in Japan and the wider APAC region?

IponWeb Japan is a joint venture between DAC’s consolidated subsidiary, Platform One and IponWeb Holdings.

The primary focus for IponWeb Japan is to be the in-market client facing organization for IponWeb, initially focused on Japan, and later China.

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