• How Programmatic In-Housing Is Bringing Tech & Agencies to The Top Table

    In-housing has long been a hot topic of debate in our industry. And last year’s WFA report threw the topic further into the spotlight, as it was revealed that a fifth of brands had decided to employ an in-house programmatic [...]

  • The Quest for a Better Bidder

    As the complexity of media buying has grown proportionally to the explosion of available advertising inventory, there’s been a parallel evolution of advertising technology leading to the evolution of the demand-side platform or DSP, writes Mark Grether (pictured below), CEO, Sizmek, [...]

  • From Second to First: The Changing Face of Auction Dynamics

    The discussion around auction dynamics is shifting. Many believe the second-price auction has dominated for too long; and with a greater focus on transparency across the programmatic supply chain, maybe a first-price auction model is the answer. At Advertising Week [...]

  • Why the Outcome-Based Model Is the Only Logical Route for Agencies

    Holding groups are under pressure. Their business model has been questioned and undermined by everyone over the past 12 months – from trade-press hacks, to auditors, to client bodies, to grandstanding FMCG CMOs. The relevancy of the agency function has [...]

  • A Duopoly Doesn’t Make for an Efficient Marketplace: Q&A with Dan Slivjanovski, RhythmOne

    RhythmOne has reached the final stages of their acquisition of YuMe. In this Q&A, ExchangeWire speaks with Dan Slivjanovski, chief marketing officer, RhythmOne, about the vision for RhythmOne post-acquisition, how the company will leverage its end-to-end offering, and about the [...]

  • £4.5m for PowerLinks; Weve Launches Location Verification Service

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: PowerLinks Receives Funding; Weve Launches Locate; Bitposter Adds New Buyers to OOH platform; and Survey of Native Ad Formats. Series A funding for [...]

  • A DSP’s Open Letter About Social Buys

    What value could social data add to programmatic buying? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Jeff Marshall (pictured below), CrossInstall’s co-founder and CEO and a mobile gaming and advertising industry veteran, discusses why DSPs are adding to their programmatic offerings with social [...]

  • Ads.txt Has a Major Impact: Q&A with Jochen Schlosser, CSO, Adform

    With DSPs increasingly making ads.txt mandatory for their publishers, the pressure is on publishers to adopt the IAB project in order to fight inventory fraud. In this Q&A, Jochen Schlosser (pictured below), CSO, Adform, tells ExchangeWire that the majority of publishers are [...]

  • Supply & Demand Path Optimisation – We Need to Find a Happy Medium

    In ad tech we use the word ‘optimisation’ a lot. We optimise for performance, for ad spend, and for revenue. But when we optimise, we do so to win. This means that someone else loses. In this piece, Hilit Vainberger [...]

  • Why Are We Discussing First-Price Auction Anyway?

    With header bidding the norm at all top publishers, first-price auctions should be a matter of course, argues Kay Schneider (pictured below), general manager, SmartX Platform, smartclip, in this exclusive byline for ExchangeWire, and explains why a change from second-price auctions [...]