• The Fall of Walled Gardens: Time for Transparency

    How are walled gardens impacting an advertiser’s ability to effectively measure digital advertising activity? They are removing the necessary impartiality required for a fair metric assessment, according to Theo Theodorou, EMEA MD, xAd. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Theodorou explains how transparency is key, and advertisers are beginning to realise that.

    Speaking on the company’s recent earnings call, WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell announced the time had come for businesses to demand better metrics on [...]

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  • Buyers & Sellers Need 100% Transparency on Intermediary Fees

    With another year of dmexco over, James Prudhomme (pictured below), managing director EMEA, Index Exchange, provides ExchangeWire with his view on the common theme present throughout the conference and, indeed, in the industry for a long time – transparency.

    As the industry reflects on last week’s dmexco conference, an issue that was discussed at length – on the stage, at casual gatherings, and in closed-door conversations – is the persistent lack of transparency in the programmatic ecosystem. According to [...]

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  • Is Email 2016’s Advertiser Panacea?

    Could email solve all our digital advertising woes? Stuart Austin, head of retargeting, ESBConnect lays down the facts and benefits of email for ExchangeWire, saying email’s poor reputation is masking its value in digital marketing strategies.

    Reading articles, posts, and blogs on the state of online advertising in 2016, there are a lot of common issues affecting advertisers and agencies, and many that email could help with if, advertisers took another look at it.

    Transparency & engagement

    Too many buyers are [...]

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  • ISBA Not Collaborative in Call for Transparency with Latest Agency Contract Launch

    On 28 April ISBA (Incorporated Society of British Advertisers) weighed in on the advertiser/agency relationship with the launch of new contract terms for media agency services to promote transparency and update the previous template that was launched almost ten years ago. 

    ISBA cites the importance, now more than ever, for advertisers to have a clear, strong, and transparent contract with their media agency. It seems a fitting time for ISBA to launch the updated contract. The industry is unrecognisable now, [...]

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  • Better Collaboration Holds the Key to Transparency

    Programmatic has the potential to create the perfect market. If all supply and all demand could be brought together in one place, the true value of inventory could be established, and the optimum price could be achieved for each impression without the need for set-floor prices, or other constraints. But, in today’s opaque and fragmented ecosystem, the market is far from perfect. To realise the full potential of programmatic, providers on both the buy and sell sides must work better together [...]

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  • Helping to Dispel the Misnomer of the Ad Tech Tax

    On 24 March the IAB announced the release of the IAB Programmatic Free Transparency Calculator to allow for charges of programmatic ad technology services during a bid request or response to be broken down, providing greater transparency.

    Transparency is a sore point across the ecosystem and those accused of not being transparent are by proxy assumed to be involved in less-than-rosy practices. However, with a media buy consisting of so many layers – from data, targeting, bid evaluation and even [...]

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  • Header Tag Bidding: Why Transparency Matters More Than Ever

    Transparency within programmatic advertising is generally considered to be very widely talked about, but not very widely achieved. Ahead of the Index Exchange Digital Techfront being hosted at the IAB on 14 March on the topic of transparency, ExchangeWire speaks to James Prudhomme (pictured below), Managing Director EMEA, Index Exchange about how header tag bidding is bringing transparency to the programmatic transaction and that the industry needs to make moves towards creating a fully transparent marketplace.

    Defining transparency in programmatic advertising [...]

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  • ATS London: Seeking the Truth in Data

    Earlier this week, at ATS London, AppNexus created a stir within the digital advertising industry when Catherine Williams, chief data scientist (pictured) shared results of their ongoing Inventory Quality (IQ) initiative. Through a combination of aggressive policy enforcement and sophisticated data science measures, AppNexus have cleaned their platform of invalid traffic and established a new industry standard for transparency – transparency in how the platform operates and in how they share results and insights with the broader ad tech community. In this piece, [...]

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  • Programmatic’s Dirty Little Secret

    Programmatic promises the world; effortlessly finding the right audience, marrying the ruthless precision of machine technology and algorithms with the creative flair of advertising, and serving perfectly targeted content to the people that make or break a brand’s success – and the industry has listened. Recent figures show that 75% of marketers are planning on boosting their spend on programmatic in the next 12 months.

    However, beneath the shiny surface, many at the highest level of the industry have only a [...]

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  • Stephen Hunt, Director Asia-Pacific, TubeMogul, Asks Whether The Online Video Industry Deserves To Take The Mantle From TV

    Stephen Hunt TubeMogul’s Asia-Pacific Director talks candidly about the challenges the online video industry currently faces: demand outstripping supply; publishers holding on to unsold inventory to protect its value; and lack of transparency in video advertising and the industry’s absence of regulation e.g ‘fake pre-rolls’. But Hunt argues that the opportunity in online video advertising is huge, and is poised to attract huge amounts of brand budget in the coming years.

    If [...]

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