• Blockchain, the Metaverse, NFTs: Making Web3 Work

    In association with Alkimi Exchange While Web3 is on the horizon (if not already upon us), uncertainty about the value of some elements of this new phase of the internet remains. Technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse, have emerged to [...]

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    In association with Alkimi Exchange The Metaverse has become firmly cemented into public consciousness – it was ranked second in the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2022 Word of The Year. But what actually is it? Does it even exist yet? And is [...]

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    Declared “the next chapter of the internet overall” by Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg, Web3 has proven a divisive area of ad tech. While decentralisation is touted by some as a silver bullet to the monopoly of big tech companies, others [...]