• The MadTech Sketch: Are NFTs the Future of Brand Loyalty?

    The MadTech Sketch is back. This week Ciaran O'Kane has turned his attention to the nascent world of Web3, and in particular what NFTs and blockchain tech can really do for brands and advertisers. Web3 has always struggled with real-world [...]

  • Alkimi Exchange's Ben Putley on Transparency, Fees and Emissions in Programmatic Advertising

    "You wouldn't buy a house by looking through the letterbox." In our latest TTTV, Ben Putley, CEO and founder of Alkimi Exchange joins Ciaran O'Kane at the whiteboard. In this session, Ben dives deep on what blockchain and Web3 tech can [...]

  • Eidgensi's Georges Tertois on Web3's greatest opportunities

    Georges Tertois, GM and co-founder at Eidgensi joins ExchangeWire's head of content John Still to discuss what the biggest opportunities are in the nascent world of Web3. In this discussion, Georges gives his insight on: • the functional applications of [...]

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  • How Will Web3 Change Advertising?

    With the advent of new technologies and enhanced user experience, users have become more connected than ever before. Georges Tertois of Eidgensi looks at how Web3 can enhance this shift even further, and what it will offer to advertisers. Nowadays, virtually [...]

  • Meta's Evelina Lye on the Potential of Web3

    In this latest VoxPop, Evelina Lye, co-founder of UNTAM3D and head of marketing for creators and media, APAC at Meta, joins ExchangeWire's John Still to discuss the practical use cases for web3 and the current barriers to entry to the [...]

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  • “People care about Web3 now.”: a discussion with Ben Putley, Alkimi Exchange

    Web3’s practical applications are already being felt across various industries. From finance and healthcare to education and gaming, Web3 is providing new opportunities for individuals and businesses to communicate, interact and transact. Advertising is no different, and Alkimi Exchange sits at [...]

  • Is this the dawn of advertising's generative AI era?

    This may well be the week that the generative AI phony war ended.  The major players have all broken cover, falling over themselves to announce their own AI chatbots and make the first dent in the market. The arms race began [...]

  • What Web3 means for e-commerce

    While discussions of the metaverse often centre around future-gazing, virtual reality is already making waves in e-commerce. The metaverse market is expected to grow in excess of USD$60bn (~£48.3bn) by 2026 and big name brands have already made ventured into [...]

  • Blockchain, the Metaverse, NFTs: Making Web3 Work

    In association with Alkimi Exchange While Web3 is on the horizon (if not already upon us), uncertainty about the value of some elements of this new phase of the internet remains. Technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse, have emerged to [...]

  • Is Web3 the next phase of the internet - or just a phase?

    Discussions around Web3 have really picked up pace. Whether it's just dipping their toes in blockchain, or taking the plunge into the metaverse, many brands and advertisers have started to take the opportunities seriously. The medium’s most ardent supporters tout [...]