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APAC Round-Up: MediaMath Enters Australian Market; Rise of Weibo in APAC Region; Effective Measure Moves Into Emerging Asia

MediaMath Makes In-Roads Down Under

MediaMath, a leading DSP, announced last week that it has expanded into Australia via a partnership with Australian technology company, Kinected Corp.

As part of the move, Kinected has struck a licensing agreement with MediaMath to oversee the management of bids for advertising inventory. The partnership will be managed from their offices in Sydney, Australia by the founders of Kinected, Gary Hardwick, Mick O’Brien and Ross McNab.

Mike Peralta, MediaMath CRO, comments: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Kinected to bring MediaMath’s TerminalOne technology to the Australian market. As the market expands in APAC, we are able to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace, empowering them to deliver results and focus on strategy instead of performance optimization. This is a very exciting time for the sector and we’re excited to be at the forefront of these developments”

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Grant Watts, Amobee Managing Director of Asia Pacific, On The Rapidly Changing Mobile Landscape & How By 2015 Asia Will Be A US$7 Billion Mobile Advertising Market

Grant Watts is Amobee’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific. Here he discusses the rapidly changing mobile landscape and why by 2015 Asia will be a US$7 billion mobile advertising market.

Can you give an overview of Amobee and its offering and strategy across the APAC region?

Amobee is working with large-scale advertisers, publishers and operators to deliver mobile advertising solutions and technology – from text to rich media, across all devices – at the global and regional levels. We run mobile ad campaigns for some of the biggest and best brands including eBay, Nokia, Skype, Zynga, Google, Groupon, InMobi and Telefonica, delivering unparalleled results.

While running campaigns across Asia, we’re also aggressive in all key Asian markets – Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand – meeting with operators, advertisers and others, understanding their needs and introducing our capabilities.

Everyone we meet is very impressed with our mobile advertising technology and solutions. We’re already working with Asian-based companies such as InMobi, Globe (Philippines), Ugama (India), Ambient (Vietnam) and MCM (Indonesia) and expect to make additional partner announcements in the near future.

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Chris Brown, Team Lead, DoubleClick Performance Products in Australia, South East Asia & NZ Discusses The Ad Exchange Direct Deals Offering

Chris Brown is team lead at DoubleClick Performance Products in Australia, South East Asia and NZ. Here he discusses the progress made by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in the region, timeframes around when mobile and video inventory will be made available and the recent Direct Deals launch.

Can you give some overview on the progress made by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in the Australian and APAC markets? What similarities and differences did you see in relation to the UK and US markets?

The Australian market was already primed for exchanges due to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange 1.0 having been launched here in 2008, and RightMedia already being active in this market. Uptake was swift on the buy-side due some of the big holding companies strategies, and local independent agencies and Ad Networks always being close to ‘game-changing’ developments in the online world.

The major difference I saw from an agency perspective was how autonomously they were acting in this region. Country by country – each agency has a different take on how they should approach exchange buying.

A major similarity I saw was how some publishers perceived exchanges. They wanted to get involved as they were seeing the focus that agencies were giving, but were unsure on how-to.

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Mike Peralta, MediaMath’s Chief Revenue Officer, On Moving Into The APAC Region – Japan, SE Asia & Australia

As the market matures in APAC, tech vendors like MediaMath are looking to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace. Here Mike Peralta, CRO at MediaMath, discusses the strategy in the APAC region, and how their offering can help advertisers and agencies in the market.

Can you give an overview of MediaMath and its offering in Australia and the APAC region?

With the opening of our data center in Hong Kong, we’re now servicing APAC and Australia with over 6B daily impressions. We’re seeing early adoption from trading desks and agencies, and we’ll soon be opening our Sydney office. It’s an exciting time for us as we enter the fastest growing digital market.

How will MediaMath differentiate itself from competitors in the region?

It’s truly right there in the name- we use math to empower agencies to drive client results 10x better than the traditional media plan. MediaMath is built on real technology: machine-learning algorithms that optimize across millions of data points in real time, letting you focus on strategy instead of performance optimization.

You recently signed a deal with Cyber Agent in Japan can you tell us a little more in detail what this means for MediaMath?

Partnering with the leading internet services company in Japan was a great way for us to begin delivering our platform to agencies and brands in the Japanese marketplace. The way to do business in Japan is to partner, and thus we’re exploring joint ventures on many fronts.

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Audience Buying Series #5: Consumption of Mobile Devices in South East Asia

Q1: What trends are we seeing in the SE Asian mobile market?

The mobile market is particularly exciting at the moment with the development of mobile Internet devices and its spread across South East Asia. In the month ending October alone, we recorded over 22.2 million Internet users in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand on mobile devices. Apple holds majority market share in the region with 53% share of the online mobile population.

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Audience Buying Series #2: Generation Y Online in South East Asia

Next in our exclusive series with Effective Measure, a global Digital Audience Measurement and Research company focused on emerging markets, we look at Gen Y. The Gen Y demographic in South East Asia (SEA) make up 46% of the total digital audience and account for 63 million unique browsers in the region.

Q1: First Gen X, and now Gen Y. What makes this group so important?

A: Gen Y – the demographic born from 1975 to 1995, make up 46% of the total digital audience in South East Asia (SEA). This accounts for 63 million unique browsers.

Gen Y-ers are important as they are positioned to support advancements in digital media and advertising. A high level of engagement online and a growing sophistication in understanding new technologies have given Gen Y an edge over others.

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Marcus Tan Managing Director APAC Smaato On Mobile Advertising, Exchanges, Monetising Apps & APAC's Huge Market Potential

Marcus Tan, Managing Director APAC, Smaato discusses the mobile offering in APAC, introduction of RTB and the huge monetization potential for both app developers and publishers in the mobile display advertising space. Tan also flags Japan, Korea & China maturity in the mobile space makes them the most interesting markets to watch.

Can you give an overview of Smaato and its ‘Mobile Ad Cloud’ offering and strategy across the APAC region?

As the consumption of media differentiates and varies between individuals because of the easy access of the internet, it is difficult to ignore that advertising and marketing too has taken a leap into the mobile space and onto our mobile devices.

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Audience Buying Series #1: Digital Natives in South East Asia

In the first of an exclusive series with Effective Measure – a global Digital Audience Measurement and Research company focused on emerging markets, we shine a light on the exciting South East Asian online audience with insights into the Digital Natives of Indonesia.

We’ve seen how South East Asia is progressing in the digital space. Who makes up its largest audience?

As seen in the month of June, South East Asia is home to almost 140 million Unique Browsers. This number continues to grow as new technology and expanding populations collide.

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Jordan Khoo Regional Director, APAC, MediaMind On The DG Acquisition, Optimising TV Ad Spend & Data Driven Display In APAC

Jordan Khoo, MediaMind’s Regional Director for APAC, discusses how DG and MediaMind bring the ability to traffic online and TV video assets through one vendor, the strong growth of video and mobile in the region and the challenge of scaling data-driven display in Australia and APAC.

Can you give an overview of MediaMind’s offering in Australia and the wider APAC region?

MediaMind’s focus in APAC is to be the campaign management platform of choice for leading agencies in the region. We started with rich media and quickly expanded to offer cross channel 3rd party ad-serving across display, search, in-stream & mobile. We have also recently launched our full service DSP solution in APAC.

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The Australian Buy-Side Discuss Growing Publisher Opposition To Programmatic Buying And Refusal To Sell To Agency Trading Desks

There’s been a lot of discussion around whether or not the big five Australian publishers would trade with DSPs and agency trading desks. In recent weeks Fairfax has indicated that they will not be making inventory available through the automated channel. Recently ExchangeWire asked a number of leading Australian buy-side players the following question to get their perspective on the growing opposition among premium publishers to programmatic buying:

Given the recent push back by large content owners around automated trading, why should Australian publishers sell their inventory to DSPs and Trading Desks?

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