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Cindy Deng, MD APAC for Turn, Discusses Their Recent Launch in Hong Kong & Expansion Across APAC

Cindy Deng is MD APAC for Turn. Here she discusses Turn’s recent launch in Hong Kong and the roll out of the solution across the APAC region.

Is there significance behind Turn choosing Hong Kong for their APAC launch?

Hong Kong is ideally situated geographically, giving us easy access to all of our major markets including Japan, China, Australia and Southeast Asia. In addition, Turn’s state-of-the-art data centre was already located in Hong Kong, so it made sense to establish our regional headquarters here as well. Ultimately, these advantages combined with an excellent pool of talented, passionate people and the dynamic nature of the city that complements Turn’s forward-thinking culture, made Hong Kong a perfect choice.

Having come from Yahoo!, what motivated you to jump on board with Turn for their APAC launch?

While at Yahoo!, I looked at various DSP and DMP technologies to use internally to further strengthen their performance advertising business. I’ve come to know various offerings in the market, and therefore understand the challenges faced by both the publisher and the advertiser.

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Phil Duffield, Managing Director Adap.tv, On Their Commitment To Destroying The Inefficiencies In TV & Video Advertising & The Australian & APAC Marketplace

Managing Director of Adap.tv, Phil Duffield, discusses their increasing activity in the Australian, South East Asian and Japanese marketplaces.   He says how the adoption of traditional media buying by today’s industry has created silos in TV and video resulting in massive operational costs and time for both buyers and sellers and how 2012 promises to be very exciting with new strategic  products in the pipeline and more global expansion.

Can you give an overview of Adap.tv and its offering within Australia and the wider APAC region? What markets are you active in?

Adap.tv is the leading programmatic platform for buying and selling video and the world’s largest video ad marketplace. The Adap.tv Platform offers automated technology for buying and selling video. It’s a single platform for all video screens that can be easily configured to meet advertisers and publishers business goals.  The Adap.tv Marketplace is the largest global exchange in volume.  With the option to transact over spot, committed and RTB inventory, buyers and sellers always get total clarity into pricing and inventory. We have just launched a new office in Sydney, Australia and are also active in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Mike Peralta, MediaMath’s Chief Revenue Officer, On Moving Into The APAC Region – Japan, SE Asia & Australia

As the market matures in APAC, tech vendors like MediaMath are looking to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace. Here Mike Peralta, CRO at MediaMath, discusses the strategy in the APAC region, and how their offering can help advertisers and agencies in the market.

Can you give an overview of MediaMath and its offering in Australia and the APAC region?

With the opening of our data center in Hong Kong, we’re now servicing APAC and Australia with over 6B daily impressions. We’re seeing early adoption from trading desks and agencies, and we’ll soon be opening our Sydney office. It’s an exciting time for us as we enter the fastest growing digital market.

How will MediaMath differentiate itself from competitors in the region?

It’s truly right there in the name- we use math to empower agencies to drive client results 10x better than the traditional media plan. MediaMath is built on real technology: machine-learning algorithms that optimize across millions of data points in real time, letting you focus on strategy instead of performance optimization.

You recently signed a deal with Cyber Agent in Japan can you tell us a little more in detail what this means for MediaMath?

Partnering with the leading internet services company in Japan was a great way for us to begin delivering our platform to agencies and brands in the Japanese marketplace. The way to do business in Japan is to partner, and thus we’re exploring joint ventures on many fronts.

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Kevin Huang, CEO Pixel Group, Discusses Brand Advertisers, Branded Entertainment And Mobile & Video As Key Growth Areas In APAC

Kevin Huang is CEO of Pixel Group. Here Huang gives some insight into Pixel Group’s premium website rep business and how it is providing brand advertisers with premium solutions.

He also discusses how monetization strategies differ across the Greater Chinese and South East Asian markets, as well as giving some overview on the triple digit growth of Pixel Group’s in–app mobile ad network.

Can you give an overview of the Pixel Group and its offering across the APAC region? What markets are a priority for you?

Pixel is in the business of digital advertising sales covering online and mobile platforms catering to brand advertisers. Since our founding in 2002, we have established presence in Greater China and South East Asia with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Our businesses include:

Pixel Media – the leading online ad sales house representing premium websites and publishers on an exclusive basis with a focus on premium solutions to advertisers including Rich Media, Sponsorships, Branded Entertainment and more. 

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Alex Khan, CEO of Catcha Digital Asia Discusses The CDA Offering, Trends In The Region's Online Market & The Impact Of Ad Exchanges On APAC Publishers

Alex Khan is CEO of Catcha Digital Asia. Here he discusses the CDA offering, trends in the region’s online display market and the impact ad exchanges are likely to have on the sell-side.

Can you give an overview of the Catcha Media Group, Catcha Publishing and Catcha Digital Asia and its offering across the APAC region?

Catcha Group (CG) is one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most dynamic media holding companies. Its portfolio includes a wide variety of media related assets such as Catcha Media, which is one of the region’s premiere magazine and online publishers with a monthly reach of 9 million people. It also includes CDA (Catcha Digital Asia) one of the region’s most dominant online Sales Representation Houses. CDA works with blue chip publishers such as ViKi.com, NetShelter, Malaysian Insider, Goal.com and many more in order to establish sales revenue in the region. CG is the founder and are a major shareholder in Iproperty.com, Asia’s largest property portal. All of these combine to make CG one of the top media brands in Asia.

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26 May 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Brandscreen Rolls Out DSP Offering Across The APAC Region

Julian Tol is the Co-founder & CEO at BRANDSCREEN. Here he discusses the Brandscreen DSP roll-out across the APAC region

You recently announced that you have launched across APAC region? How many countries are you now servicing in the region?

The total is 15 countries; Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In top-line numbers, that translates into an online population of 805,018,922, where we serve 617,234,070 uniques on a monthly basis, providing a net reach across the region of 72.1 %.

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Steve Geelan Talks About The VIM Data And Re-Targeting Proposition In The APAC Region

Steve Geelan, Valued Interactive Media General Manager, talks about VIM’s data and re-targeting proposition across the APAC region, trends in the marketplace and the move into Singapore and Hong Kong.

Can you give an overview of Valued Interactive Media’s re-targeting proposition?

As an Audience Management Platform, our re-targeting proposition is based on a data rich understanding of a client’s audience, segmenting their audience by behavioural profiles to not only re-target users based on their on site actions but also by their existing behavioural profiles that are unique to VIM. We identify the real time commercial intent they have displayed on the client’s site as well as broader lifestyle interests providing the client with a deep understanding of who their audience actually is. Our Dynamic creative retargeting solutions mean that we can offer client’s the ability to deliver different creative to different users based upon their individual profiles which further drives campaign performance.

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10 April 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Julian Tol Discusses The Brandscreen DSP Proposition, The APAC Exchange Marketplace And Agency Strategy

Brandscreen is one the leading DSP vendors in the APAC region. Here Julian Tol discusses the Brandscreen proposition, the APAC exchange eco-system and how the region’s advertisers, agencies and publishers are developing strategies to trade in the automated display marketplace.

Can you give an overview of the Brandscreen solution in the APAC region?

JT: We provide a complete RTB trading technology platform to media agency trading desks and ad networks. The platform aggregates, optimizes and executes across all major RTB exchanges, and is fully integrated with all major third-party ad serving systems. We offer self-service, with a high level of training and support when it’s asked for.

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