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Phil Duffield, Managing Director Adap.tv, On Their Commitment To Destroying The Inefficiencies In TV & Video Advertising & The Australian & APAC Marketplace

Managing Director of Adap.tv, Phil Duffield, discusses their increasing activity in the Australian, South East Asian and Japanese marketplaces.   He says how the adoption of traditional media buying by today’s industry has created silos in TV and video resulting in massive operational costs and time for both buyers and sellers and how 2012 promises to be very exciting with new strategic  products in the pipeline and more global expansion.

Can you give an overview of Adap.tv and its offering within Australia and the wider APAC region? What markets are you active in?

Adap.tv is the leading programmatic platform for buying and selling video and the world’s largest video ad marketplace. The Adap.tv Platform offers automated technology for buying and selling video. It’s a single platform for all video screens that can be easily configured to meet advertisers and publishers business goals.  The Adap.tv Marketplace is the largest global exchange in volume.  With the option to transact over spot, committed and RTB inventory, buyers and sellers always get total clarity into pricing and inventory. We have just launched a new office in Sydney, Australia and are also active in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Mike Peralta, MediaMath’s Chief Revenue Officer, On Moving Into The APAC Region – Japan, SE Asia & Australia

As the market matures in APAC, tech vendors like MediaMath are looking to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace. Here Mike Peralta, CRO at MediaMath, discusses the strategy in the APAC region, and how their offering can help advertisers and agencies in the market.

Can you give an overview of MediaMath and its offering in Australia and the APAC region?

With the opening of our data center in Hong Kong, we’re now servicing APAC and Australia with over 6B daily impressions. We’re seeing early adoption from trading desks and agencies, and we’ll soon be opening our Sydney office. It’s an exciting time for us as we enter the fastest growing digital market.

How will MediaMath differentiate itself from competitors in the region?

It’s truly right there in the name- we use math to empower agencies to drive client results 10x better than the traditional media plan. MediaMath is built on real technology: machine-learning algorithms that optimize across millions of data points in real time, letting you focus on strategy instead of performance optimization.

You recently signed a deal with Cyber Agent in Japan can you tell us a little more in detail what this means for MediaMath?

Partnering with the leading internet services company in Japan was a great way for us to begin delivering our platform to agencies and brands in the Japanese marketplace. The way to do business in Japan is to partner, and thus we’re exploring joint ventures on many fronts.

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3 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Ben Barokas, President & Co-Founder, Admeld, On Price Transparency, Bridging Buy & Sell Sides & The Swift Adoption Of SSP Technology In the Australian and APAC Markets

Ben Barokas, CEO and Co-Founder of Admeld on being a sell-side platform (SSP) for premium publishers and why Australian publishers are moving so rapidly to solve the same fundamental challenges other markets have faced.

Barokas also discusses the dynamics of the Australian market, yield optimisation, private exchanges, how technology is delivering efficiencies the market has been asking for and how both buyers and sellers are pushing each other to evolve.

Can you give an overview of Admeld and its offering in the Australian and wider APAC markets?

My co-founder Brian and I started Admeld in 2007 to help large, premium publishers maximize the value of their ad inventory. I think what differentiates us from the other Sell Side Platforms (SSPs) in the space is that our executive team comes from publishing organizations, and we put a lot of emphasis on innovation and client service. Today, we partner with more than 500 publisher clients worldwide, including publishers in Australia and the APAC region, and we have integrated with hundreds of buyers, including every major RTB bidder, agency, and trading desk.

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Nick Gill, Commercial Director, Marin Software, APAC On Search, Display, Retargeting, Managing The Attribution Models & The Rapid Growth Of The Australian Market

Nick Gill Commercial Director for Marin Software, APAC on their recent launch into the Australian market. He discusses how their expansion from search into the Google Display Network, Facebook and YouTube and partnership with Criteo (retargeting) means advertisers can now manage all their biddable media including workflow, analytics and optimisation from one interface. With their success to date he highlights while this year they have opened offices in Sydney, Singapore and Paris, there are more to come.

Marin has recently moved into Australia – why Australia? What other markets is Marin servicing in the APAC region?

Marin chose to expand into Australia for primarily two reasons. One, several existing customers of ours have offices in Australia and having an “on the ground” presence allows us to better serve them. Second, Australia has a strong, growing market and an office in Australia allows us to better partner with agencies and brands in the area. In addition to Australia, Marin has an office Singapore.

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Travis Johnson, Head of Cadreon Australia Discusses The Cadreon Launch, How Being DSP Agnostic Means Better Data Integration & Initial Results Are Showing A 20% - 30% Lift In Performance

Travis Johnson is Head of Cadreon Australia. Here he talks about the launch of the Cadreon online performance platform, the benefits of being DSP agnostic and how data integration and sharing between DSP’s allows them to leverage first and third party data sources for advertisers.

He also shares results from ZUJI, Hyundai and L’Oreal and discusses how Cadreon is driving 20% – 30% increased performance, while in some cases, also delivering higher value customers and larger average purchases.

Can you give an overview of Mediabrands and the Cadreon online performance platform offering in Australia?

Mediabrands is one of Australia’s fastest growing media communications groups. The business includes major media communications agencies Initiative and UM, MagnaGlobal (investment intelligence), Reprise Media (search and social media), Orion (barter), Ensemble (branded entertainment), and Mediabrands Analytics. Mediabrands Australia has 332 employees and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. The company is headed by Executive Chairman Henry Tajer.

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18 August 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 4 Comments

Carlo Bertozzi CEO & Founder of Longtail Talks About The Launch of bidr, Its New Ad Trading Desk, & How Transparency Will Be Key In The Australian Market

Carlo Bertozzi is the CEO of Longtail. Here he talks about why the launch of bidr, Longtail’s new ad trading desk, fills a gap for advertisers in the Australian marketplace. He discusses how RTB will bring greater scale and efficiency to the Australian market and how its commitment to a completely transparent ad trading model allows Longtail to focus on the core business of driving acquisition and conversion in the audience-buying space.

Could you give a bit of background as to how the idea for bidr (an independent ad trading platform) evolved and its offering in Australia?

The idea for bidr evolved very early in the genesis of Longtail – we have always had a highly developed media and ad technology focus but the development RTB and exchange trading really allowed us to open up the strategies and develop them on a larger scale.

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