19 August 2013 in ExchangeWire Tradertalk TV 2 Comments

#TraderTalkTV: Grapeshot CEO John Snyder Explains How Contextual Optimisation Boosts Performance & Lowers CPA

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Grapeshot CEO John Snyder explains the importance of keywords in the display purchasing process, instead of chasing the same users or simply having a bank of whitelisted URLs that lack relevance. With a specificity that mimics search, using keywords in display you can see patterns emerge around which content boosts campaign KPIs.

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#TraderTalkTV: Datacratic CEO James Prudhomme Explains How Clients Can Use & Adapt RTB Kit, an Open Source Bidder

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, James Prudhomme, CEO of Datacratic, gives us an overview of RTB Kit, an open source bidder. Here he goes through how you can build out a solution, as well as the companies and contributors involved in the project.

14 June 2013 in ExchangeWire Tradertalk TV 1 Comment

#TraderTalkTV: Skinected Co-Founder Stefan Kosel Explains How Non-Standard Ads Are Traded Via RTB

With the rise of open platforms a lot of interesting ad tech “app” companies have started to spring up globally. In this week’s #TraderTalkTV we talk talk to one of the rising stars, Skinected. Here co-founder Stefan Kosel explains how non-standard ads are traded via RTB – and how the solution works for publishers and buyers.

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#TraderTalkTV: Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist, The Rubicon Project, Explains Deal ID & the Open RTB Initiative

Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at The Rubicon Project, breaks down the concept of Deal ID (a unique string token, passed on the bid call to various bidders). Richter describes the crucial role played by Deal ID in the private marketplace, and explains how Open RTB is addressing some of the key problems that existing current trading model.

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#TraderTalkTV: SpotXchange's Alex Merwin Explains the Mechanics of the "Multi-Bid"

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, SpotXchange‘s Alex Merwin addresses the problems with lack of transparency in the ecosystem, the issues with multi-bid and the problems with floor pricing. He further explains how publishers are currently seeing a tiny fraction of the total demand for their video inventory, and how they could leverage RTB more efficiently in the future via ‘multi-bid’.

18 January 2013 in ExchangeWire Tradertalk TV 1 Comment

TraderTalk TV: How A Marketer Can Build A Brand Trading Desk

This weeks’s TraderTalk TV is essential viewing, especially if you are a progressive marketer. ExchangeWire discussed at length the the Brand Trading Desk model earlier this year. The Brand Trading Desk is now a reality. This model is now being executed by the smart people at Here Andy Milhop, Head of Digital at, gives an insight into how a Brand Trading Desk works, and how it incorporates third party ad technology.

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TraderTalk TV: Medyanet's Dogus Yildirim Gives an Overview of the Turkish Data-Driven Ad Market

Medyanet is a massive European sales house based in Istanbul with O&O – as well as represented – interests across traditional publishing, TV, radio and digital media (currently representing about 10 billion Turkish impressions per month). In true European sales house fashion, the company has also got a proprietary ad server (Adserver+), which their development team has built in-house over the past three years.

Here Dogus Yildirim, Business Development Manager at DOL gives both an overview of the emerging data-driven space in Turkey and insight into Medyanet’s strategy around programmatic trading.

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TraderTalk: Switch Concepts Discuss Its Solution, Holistic Yield Management, Linking Users Across Multi-Devices And Concepts Around Linked Data

Switch Concepts is one of the more interesting companies currently operating in the European ad tech space. Switch Concepts, like all the great companies in the space, has very much operated under the radar. It now works with several big UK publishers, and its tech solutions is focused on delivering the best yield for its clients.

Here Switch Concepts discussed its solution, holistic yield management, linking users across multi-devices and concepts around linked data. We will be launching TraderTalk 2.0 in a couple of weeks so look out for the new format. More details to follow.

16 October 2012 in ExchangeWire Tradertalk TV 1 Comment

TraderTalk: Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project, Discusses Scaling RTB, The DealID And Why Internal Auctions Are Truncating Liquidity For Sellers

We love a proper tech debate at ExchangeWire. On this edition of TraderTalk we speak to Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project.

Here he discusses the infrastructure required to scale RTB globally, how Rubicon knitted together its recent acquisitions into present offering – and the problems with internal bidding within bidders in terms of how the “internal auction” practice is not giving sellers full liquidity.

Richter also goes into detail on standardisation, particularly OpenRTB, and how DealID works in the bidding process. We will be going into more on these topics in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

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Rubicon's Oliver Whitten Discusses The Growth of PMPs, The End-To-End Stack Quandary, As Well As European Sell-Side Trends

Oliver Whitten is the Commercial Director, EMEA at the Rubicon Project.

Here Whitten discusses the growth of Private Market Places, which has been key part of Rubicon’s core offering over the past twenty-four months. The end-to-end stack is also discussed as well as publisher trends in the European market.

This will be the first in a number of podcasts leading upto ATS London. The event takes place on September 18 at the BFI. Our full speaker’s list is available here. The CEO of Rubicon Project, Frank Addante, will be giving a keynote on September 18. It is likely that ATS London will sell out in the coming days, a full three weeks before the event. You can get your ATS London tickets here.