• ExchangeWire’s 2023 predictions

    December is here, and it’s traditional at this time of year to start looking ahead, thinking about what’s set to characterise the coming 12 months, making plans, and allotting budgets. Starting Monday 5th December, we’ll be running our annual predictions pieces. [...]

  • Resolving Challenges in CTV: Interview with Erhard Neumann, Spearad

    In this exclusive interview with ExchangeWire, Erhard Neumann, MD, Spearad, and head of advanced TV, Unruly, outlines the current state of play in the CTV ecosystem, and how current challenges can be addressed.   What are the key issues affecting the CTV [...]

  • Untangling the Web: Q&A with Alkimi Exchange

    In this interview with ExchangeWire following the recent webcast discussing the future infrastructure of the ad tech industry, Alkimi Exchange's Neil Bruce (CCO); Adam Chorley (COO); and Ben Putley (CEO) discuss the benefits of pursuing a decentralised approach and how [...]

  • Industry Collaboration and Augmentation - the OSS Way

    In this article, Jonas Jaanimagi, technology lead at IAB Australia, discusses the need for greater collaboration within the industry, and explains how Open Source is helping bring that about. In the current environment in our industry, it’s often hard to see [...]

  • Introducing IAB Spain's TCPF - Q&A with Mikel Lekaroz

    Mikel Lekaroz, founder and CEO of Adbibo by Next14 and a member of IAB Spain's Innotec, talks to ExchangeWire about the initiative's Transparency, Consent, and Privacy Framework (TCPF), explaining how it works and what it aims to bring to the [...]

  • Xandr and IAB Europe Release Guide on Curated Marketplaces

    Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, in partnership with the IAB Europe, today released an industry report called ‘Demystifying the curated marketplaces: a guide for buyers to drive efficient supply strategies’ and the results of a region-wide industry survey on curated marketplaces [...]

  • A Serious End Game is Playing Out for Rogue Programmatic Traders

    In this article written exclusively for ExchangeWire, Jonas Jaanimagi (pictured below), technology lead at IAB Australia, explains how the IAB Tech Lab will help the industry rid itself of rogue programmatic traders. The mechanics of automated digital advertising are regularly compared [...]

  • IAS Launches First Industry-Wide Digital Ad Verification Training Program

    Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital ad verification, has launched IAS Academy, the industry’s first globally accredited training program for digital ad verification.  "IAS Academy empowers marketers with best-in-class training and tools so they can make well-informed decisions [...]

  • The End of the Third-Party Cookie: Why the Online Advertising Industry Urgently Needs to Raise Awareness

    Cookie consent pop-ups annoy consumers. This is unlikely to change. But do Internet users even know why they see them? Do consumers understand that content can only be free if personalised advertising takes place and cookies are accepted? Kasper Skou [...]

  • SPAC, PE or IPO: 2021 Outlook for Europe's Big Ad Tech

    At the tail end of last year I profiled 17 European ad tech companies that I expect to do big things in 2021. With the exception of one or two, these companies are very much at the start of their [...]