• Predictions 2022: Mobile & In-Game

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    In the third article in ExchangeWire's 2022 predictions series, industry experts predict what next year looks like for TV, CTV, and video, a digital sector which has seen a boom due to recent social restrictions - a consequence of the [...]

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  • IPA Bellwether Report Q1 2021: Positive Sentiment Returns

    The IPA Bellwether Report Q1 2021, released today 15th April 2021, has revealed a net balance of 11.5% of UK marketers reporting a contraction in available adspend, down from 24.0% last quarter. Confidence is returning to the market, with a [...]

  • 2021 Predictions: OOH

    With consumers around the world confined to their homes, and few venturing outdoors, 2020 looked disastrous for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Yet, despite the pessimistic outlook, OOH proved resilient, and adapted to the landscape with agility and flexibility. Now, many OOH [...]

  • 2021 Predictions: TV, CTV, and Video

    2020 was a mega year for content of all kinds, but particularly for video - with swathes of the population confined to their homes and seeking escape from the stress of lockdown, streaming platforms, connected TV (CTV), video-on-demand (VOD) and [...]

  • 2021 Predictions: Ad Spend & Brand Advertising

    Whilst brands may not be at the centre of the dramatic infrastructural shifts the industry is undergoing, they have by no means been immune from them. With consumers more conscious than ever before of their right to privacy, vigilance surrounding [...]

  • 2021 Predictions: Digital Transformation & Automation

    Digitisation is nothing new, but, until 2020, had been a gradual, evolutionary process. Yet with businesses forced to contend with unprecedented circumstances, the transformation of traditional channels into digital and automated forces accelerated at rapid pace. In the latest article [...]

  • Ad Tech Responds to IPA Bellwether Q4 2020 Report

    Whilst 2020 was a tough year (to say the least) for many, COVID-19 has shown that the ad tech industry is capable of adapting to crisis. Having mapped the fallout of the pandemic and the impact dramatic infrastructural changes that [...]