Adelaide Expands Adelaide for Publishers with Advanced Audio Capabilities, Welcoming Major Audio Partners

Adelaide, the leader in attention-based media quality measurement, announces the expansion of Adelaide for Publishers (AFP) with new features for audio attention measurement and activation. Building on AFP’s initial launch for digital web channels, Adelaide now welcomes audio media giants like NPR, SiriusXM Media, and Westwood One as launch partners for this initiative. This enhancement of Adelaide’s publisher toolkit empowers audio media owners to improve delivery against client KPIs and monetise their high-attention offerings across podcasts, streaming audio, and terrestrial radio. 

Adelaide’s AU metric helps advertisers make better media investment decisions and drive efficient business outcomes. AU is an omnichannel media quality metric that evaluates thousands of signals to predict attention and subsequent impact. 

Adelaide extends its commitment to media quality transparency by offering complimentary attention audits to audio publishers as part of AFP’s free tier. AU Audits provide the foundation for AFP, while more advanced solutions enable publishers to curate inventory, deliver granular attention insights, and increase CPMs for high-quality media.

Adelaide has proven audio to be an effective medium for capturing attention and driving outcomes. A study by Adelaide and NPR examined podcast campaign data across more than 60 shows, 75 million impressions, and over 75,000 attributed purchase conversions. The study found that shows with higher AU ratings delivered 30% higher site visitation and up to 19% greater lift in Awareness, Favourability, and Consideration than lower AU shows. 

“Adelaide’s AU attention metric puts another stake through the heart of the myth that sight, sound, and motion ads are inherently superior to audio ads. With AU scores for Radio, Streaming Audio, and Podcasts above most social and digital channels and just below Linear TV, marketers can confidently utilize audio ads to get noticed, hold attention, and impact memory,” said Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media | Westwood One.

“Many brands have long understood that NPR’s audience pays great attention to the valuable information they hear on NPR as well as to the brand messaging from sponsors who support NPR,” said Gina Garrubbo, President & CEO of National Public Media, NPR’s sponsorship subsidiary. “Thanks to Adelaide’s AFP tool, we have one more valuable way to measure that attention.”

Looking ahead, AFP will add support for connected TV, linear TV, and cinema. AFP currently offers four service tiers—Free, Light, Pro, and Enterprise — each tailored to cater to the diverse needs of publishers.

Key aspects of Adelaide for Publishers include:

Placement Ratings: Comprehensive report containing AU scores for all placements, giving publishers a deep understanding of the quality of their inventory and its market value.

Flight Control: Tools that enable publishers to identify the optimal AU targets for maximizing efficiency based on advertiser and campaign specifics.

Campaign Insights: A tagless and automated solution that generates AU insights for campaigns.

Campaign Measurement: AU measurement via tagging across client campaigns, with live dashboard access, in-flight optimisation recommendations, and analytics support.

Outcome Testing: AU measurement plus third-party validation, enabling publishers to showcase the positive impact of high-attention inventory by linking outcomes to AU scores.

Activation: High-AU private marketplaces (PMPs) are easily created within a publisher’s preferred supply-side platform (SSP) using AU audit data.

"Expanding Adelaide for Publishers to include audio environments brings us closer to a more equitable holistic media market. With esteemed partners like NPR, Westwood One, Spotify, and SiriusXM Media, we’re not just broadening the scope of AFP; we’re significantly enhancing the value of audio media experiences for buyers, sellers, and listeners,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. 

For more information about Adelaide’s solutions for publishers, visit adelaidemetrics.com/afp. ​


Adelaide is a leader in the rapidly growing field of evidence-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s attention-based metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of ...
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