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Brandscreen Asia Pacific programmatic report, Q4 2013

AsiaPacProgrammatic media-buying rose 70% in Asia Pacific in the last year, propelled by continued growth in the Chinese ad market, according to Brandscreen.

However, the rapid development of this market is disrupting the dominance of earlier leaders, including the erosion of Google’s market dominance.

The number of media campaigns using programmatic media-buying grew 70% year-on-year in Asia Pacific during the fourth quarter of 2013, with the volume of display ad impressions allocated to retargeting up 200%, according to the latest report from Brandscreen.

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'Japanese Publisher’s Remarkable Strategy to Growing 700% in 6 Months', by Ian Jenkins, VP of Sales Enablement, Cxense

ToyokeizaiFrom the street, Tokyo-based publisher Toyokeizai looks like a typical publisher. However, what is happening inside the building is nothing short of extraordinary. Recently, Mr. Norihiko Sasaki, Editor-in-Chief for Toyokeizai Online, and his talented team have increased page views from 7 million to 53 million in only six months! In a recent interview, Sasaki-san shared his recipe for success within the highly competitive space of news publishing for the Japanese business community.

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Toyokeizai has a successful legacy within print that reaches as far back as 1895. One of its cornerstone magazines is the weekly Toyo Keizai, one of Japan’s leading business magazines. It also manages a directory of all companies in Japan which is printed in the Japan Company Handbook. However, when Toyokeizai moved to digital it needed to make several strategic decisions regarding its relationship with its print business. The question Toyokeizai fundamentally asked itself is: “If we didn’t have an existing publishing business, how could we best build a new one?”

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‘APAC’s Continuum of Difference’, by John Merit, Manager, Business Development & Product APAC, Videology

john meritOnline advertising spend in APAC is set to surpass US$52 billion by 2017, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PWC) latest global entertainment and media outlook. The figure currently stands at just over US$27 billion, but is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 14% over the next four years. Sounds great, right? Well, yes, but in order to maximise the opportunities and stand any chance of success, international companies must avoid the ‘one size fits all’ mentality and respect the intricacies and differences between these diverse local markets.

Case in point, China. If there’s one market that’s as far as possible from the UK or US in terms of the DNA of its online video landscape, it’s China. Given that the country’s overall online ecosystem is fundamentally different than most other world markets, that won’t come as much of a surprise. The Chinese market has developed organically in response to local challenges, rather than copying the kinds of solutions commonly found in other countries. As a result, you have big players in the market that provide combinations of services seldom found together in western firms — creative production, mobile app development, a DMP and an Ad Network can all be found within a single company.

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‘The WTD: White label Trading Desk’, by Wout van Damme, CEO, Funbox

wout_photoWith the frequent use of the DSP, SSP, DMP, ATD and many other acronyms (it’s not that we don’t have enough of them) but I would suggest adding another one to this long acronym list: the WTD, or the White label Trading Desk.

It is preaching to the converted to explain the explosive growth of RTB on this forum. Most research predicts between 20-30% of display advertising to be RTB-enabled by 2015 or 2016, but I think these estimations are way off the mark. The numbers will be much higher. In some markets this percentage is already over 40% and some Agency Trading Desks are already buying 60% of their display inventory through RTB! Awareness on the client side about RTB is growing and advanced RTB and data capabilities at agency level will become a standard requirement in client pitches.

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PubMatic's APAC Perspective: Learning From the 'Mistakes' of Incumbent Markets, with Rob Jonas, VP International, MD Europe

Picture 2PubMatic’s Rob Jonas discusses how APAC publishers can learn from the “mistakes” of Incumbent markets, and put the right strategies in place.

How are regional publishers building strategies around programmatic, and where is APAC at the moment in terms of development?

The APAC market has similar characteristics to the EMEA market, as it comprises a series of individual markets at different stages of evolution.

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Stephen Hunt, MD APAC, TubeMogul, Discusses the Future of Programmatic Video in the Region & Why All Eyes are on Australia

Stephen Hunt Headshot (2) (319x640)Stephen Hunt, Managing Director (Australia and New Zealand) at TubeMogul, discusses regional online video trends, and why Australia is a big growth market in APAC.

Can you give some insight into the role played by TubeMogul in APAC? How do you work with agencies/marketers? How do you position your solution?

At TubeMogul, we strive to be thought leaders in programmatic branding for our clients and the industry as a whole. We were the first buying platform for video to launch in the region and now power every agency group in at least one of the 14 markets we service, with many exclusive relationships that span the entire region. The adoption of our approach has been universal and we remain the only buying technology focused purely on demand.

There are a number of ways agencies and marketers can work with us. We are able to provide clients with a managed media solution, where we take care of all their needs. Alternatively, our partners can take the reigns and learn to operate our platform themselves, giving them complete control over their campaigns and ROI. We spend a great deal of time not only improving our offering, but learning more about the industry and the top priorities for marketers to come up with new and innovative ways of doing business. Our goal is to make video simple, effective and accountable.

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'Programmatic Video Takes On the Tiger Economy', by Sven Rossbach, Director of TubeMogul China

Sven Rossbach_BWChina is the rising star of global advertising spenders. With more than 500 million internet users, it is an expanding market that advertisers are clamouring to target in an effective way. In fact, JP Morgan predicts that China’s video advertising market will be the largest in the world by 2015.

Given the large advertising market in China, and the relatively recent adoption of programmatic buying, China presents a lot of opportunity for TubeMogul to be at the forefront of education and adoption of new models, specifically with programmatic branding. We already have offices established throughout the APAC region, including Singapore, Australia and Japan; all of our offices there have seen great traction and growth over the past six months to a year. While the Chinese market does present different challenges than other countries we work in, we are expecting similar growth patterns to form amongst consumers in this country.

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ATS Singapore Presentation: PWC's Global Entertainment & Media Outlook For APAC & SE Asian Market

At the recent ATS Singapore event, PWC kindly gave the opening keynote of the day. Drawing heavily from the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2013, Greg Unsworth presented data specific to the greater APAC region, and SE Asian market. It was the perfect preamble for an event that focused heavily on the growing data-driven ad market in the region. We will publish more presentations over the coming days. For those looking for specific data, the parts of the presentation are embedded below.

outlook 1

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ATS Singapore: Driving The Data-Driven Agenda in APAC

blogsingaporeWe are now one month away from the latest instalment of the ATS series – coming to Singapore on Wednesday June 12. A very limited number of tickets remain and registration is still available here: http://atssingapore2013.eventbrite.com/.

The objective of ATS Singapore 2013 is to map out the future of data driven advertising across APAC, aiming to bring the entire region together. We will be delivering expert analysis and commentary on the current landscape in South Asia, SEA, and North Asia; identifying how all these markets are beginning to shape the future of advertising as the first theme of discussions for the day.

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Mikko Kotila, Founder & CEO, STATSIT Discusses the Evolution of Their Proposition & Regional Differences in APAC

Island-logo-STATSITMikko Kotila, Founder & CEO, STATSIT Discusses the Evolution of Their Proposition & Regional Differences in APAC.

Can you give an overview of the STATSIT proposition and how you have evolved in the data-driven display-buying space?

STATSIT started on the back of our previous company, which was providing automation and workflow management solutions for some of the biggest SEM players in Scandinavia. We used the money we made to start STATSIT in 2008. The first 18 months were funded out of our own pockets, so we were literally free to do whatever we wanted.

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