Opti Digital Amplifies Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts as it Grows

Opti Digital, a cutting-edge ad tech platform that helps media publishers maximise their revenue, is intensifying its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy by limiting and offsetting its environmental impact. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices within the digital advertising industry.

Navigating environmental challenges in advertising: In response to growing environmental concerns and the EU's target of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, companies in the advertising sector are compelled to adjust to new challenges. According to Scope3, programmatic advertising generates 215,000 metric tons of carbon emissions each month across the UK, Germany, France, USA, and Australia. This finding requires companies to rethink their technological frameworks and deepen their commitment to sustainability, integrating sustainable principles into their business vision and goals. The key challenge lies in effectively balancing CSR with economic performance to ensure that the transformation is both successful and sustainable in the long term.

Opti Digital's commitment to sustainability: Opti Digital is diligently pursuing this balance. The company has recently intensified its efforts to align its business practices with environmental sustainability. Opti Digital's R&D team is specifically focusing on optimising bid requests, thereby reducing the number of server calls and avoiding unnecessary bid responses. Indeed, most bid requests are sent to various platforms, regardless of whether the ad is actually viewed by the user, leading to unnecessary data transfers and energy consumption. By utilising traffic shaping models and dynamic price floors, the ad tech emphasises quality over quantity, which not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances web performance.

Opti Digital's commitment to sustainability goes beyond technological innovations. For the fourth consecutive year, the company organised the Opti Digital Green Challenge, a sports and solidarity initiative. This year, 136 participants from across Europe collectively covered 40,000 kilometres to support Surfrider Spain's project for preserving oceans and seas, resulting in a donation to the organisation. Additionally, Opti Digital actively sponsors various local events each year and emphasises local partnerships in Spain and France, thereby promoting and supporting the local economy.

Through these initiatives, the ad tech recognises the ongoing evolution of the company towards a more sustainable approach within the digital advertising realm. Despite noting the ongoing progress, Magali Quentel-Reme, CEO of Opti Digital, acknowledges that there is still considerable ground to cover. However, she finds satisfaction in observing the positive impact of Opti Digital's approach on publishers: “Opti Digital is committed to contributing to a more sustainable industry by reducing the carbon footprint of its technology and company activities, all while ensuring competitive monetisation opportunities for publishers”.

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