Amplified Intelligence Adds Emotional Measurement Capabilities to its attentionTRACE Data Capture Tool

Amplified Intelligence, the most trusted source for accurate attention measurement, has today (June 18th, 2024) announced the addition of an emotional measurement layer to its proprietary data capture tool, attentionTRACE. This new feature provides accurate data and insight into how audiences respond to ads at an emotional level, as well as correlations between emotions and attention.

After five years of analysing real human attention in natural viewing environments and gathering over 800 million data points, Amplified is now perfectly placed to significantly augment its pure play attention products with emotion-centric AI models ensuring scaled value from the rich ground truth data we have and collect.

The company is adding emotional switching determination to its AI model, which will see advanced facial detection technology used to capture subtle differences in expression. This multifaceted evaluation will provide brands and agencies with a live view of not only how individuals are engaging with ads in terms of active, passive, and non-attention, but also their emotional response. In addition to measuring the intensity (arousal) level of emotional reactions and positive or negative tone (valence), the tool will use eight different classifications to categorise unique sentiment; ranging from happy or surprised to calm, confused, sad, or angry.

attentionTRACE’s new emotional response capability is available on attention measurement studies across a host of advertising channels including mobile social media, open web, audio streaming, cinema, and outdoor advertising.

Early tests of the new feature, as part of a joint study with Pinterest[1], show there is a distinct correlation between intense (high arousal) emotional reactions and amplified attention, which can maximise ad engagement — averaging at around 50% uplift. The study, which analysed data covering a panel of 2,400 users, six markets, and over 59,574 total ad views, explored the close relationship between attention and emotion, with further key findings including:

●      High arousal emotions amplify active attention seconds by approximately 50%: In specific instances of high-intensity/arousal emotional states, the study recorded just shy of an additional 1 second of active attention.

●      During 76% of ad viewing time on Pinterest, users displayed positive emotions: Moreover, approximately a quarter of recorded emotional reactions were classed as high intensity(arousal). Combined these findings indicate a good emotional response to ads and subsequent likelihood of good receptivity towards featured brands, products, and messages.

“The attention ecosystem is often said to be fragmented but it is simply learning to assimilate the intricate nuances of human data. As traditional advertising evolves to embrace ever-expanding advancements in technology, we are determined to pave the way in simultaneously broadening the scope of digital media measurement to incorporate complex human behaviours and produce accurate attention metrics.” said Karen Nelson-Field, founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.

Alex Khan, EVP global partnerships & strategy at Amplified Intelligence: “Emotive response, whether positive or negative, is shown to be a driving factor in amplifying attention performance. Our joint efforts with Pinterest serve as a stepping stone in proving that the only precise yardstick to measure campaign effectiveness is capturing real data about how attention and emotional ad engagement drives business outcomes at the most fundamental level. As advertising budgets tighten, measuring emotion and their connection to ad success will provide a competitive advantage to our offerings.”

Amplified Intelligence

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