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Stephen Hunt, Director Asia-Pacific, TubeMogul, Asks Whether The Online Video Industry Deserves To Take The Mantle From TV

Stephen Hunt TubeMogul’s Asia-Pacific Director talks candidly about the challenges the online video industry currently faces: demand outstripping supply; publishers holding on to unsold inventory to protect its value; and lack of transparency in video advertising and the industry’s absence of regulation e.g ‘fake pre-rolls’. But Hunt argues that the opportunity in online video advertising is huge, and is poised to attract huge amounts of brand budget in the coming years.

If the latest PwC figures are accurate, 2014 will be the year online advertising will surpass TV to become the biggest segment of the media pie in Australia.  A major driver of future growth is forecasted to be brand dollars flowing away from traditional TV into online video and connected TV.

With great power comes great responsibility, however, and the industry needs to create a quality ecosystem worthy of TV’s mantle.  We have the opportunity to be good, but we should strive to be great!

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17 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Marc Lomas, Commercial Director of Cadreon Australia, On The Cadreon Video Marketplace, & The Shift Of TV Budget Into Online Video

Marc Lomas is the Commercial Director of Cadreon Australia, here he talks about the recent launch of the Cadreon Video Marketplace and how the demand for online video is growing rapidly from both consumers and advertisers in the Australian market. He also predicts that next year the Australian market will finally start to see advertisers and agencies start to shift decent proportions of TV budget into online video.

You recently announced the launch of Cadreon Video Marketplace. Being an independent online performance business what does this mean for your clients?

Simply, it means delivering clients the most bang for their buck. We can now deliver access to global wholesale inventory plus specific premium Australian inventory all managed and controlled through a centralised platform with robust market-leading analytics and data.  Being part of one of the most progressive global trading desk solutions provides Cadreon access to DSP partners, technologies and inventory that are not available to other Australian agencies.

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25 September 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 3 Comments

Jonathan Despinidic, General Manager Jemm Group Australia & APAC, On Jemm's Recent Launch, Brand Safety, Inventory Monetization & The Australian Publisher Reception To The Real Time Network

Jonathan Despinidic, General Manager of Jemm Group Australia & APAC, on Jemm’s recent Australian launch and how the Real Time Network is a first for Australia and the APAC region. Here he discusses how Jemm’s offering is both an SSP and an ad network, offering brand safe inventory for the Australian market via RTB. He also talks private marketplaces and how being a technology and inventory monetisation partner can help Australian publishers.

Can you give an overview of the Jemm Group and Real Time Network and its offering in Australia? Is the Jemm Group’s Real Time Network a first in Australia?

Jemm Group was the first Real Time Network in Europe and now the first Real Time Network to enter the Australian (and APAC) region. 

Jemm Groups focus is to provide accessible and more importantly brand safe inventory to the Australian market. Our in house technology allows for a more efficient buying process using RTB to deliver better results for buyers and sellers.

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14 September 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Vicki Lyon, Managing Director, SpotXchange Australia & APAC On Video Ad Marketplaces, Private Exchanges & How Mobile Video Advertising Will Soar In APAC

Vicky Lyon, SpotXchange’s Managing Director Asia Pac discusses their recent launch and about wanting to become the go-to video ad marketplace in Australia and the APAC region.

Lyon gives an overview on Australia’s current market size and how APAC, being the most connected region in the world, means online video advertising will continue to soar and key growth drivers will be the expansion of 3G networks making mobile TV and mobile video services a reality.

Could you give an overview of SpotXchange and its offering and growth strategy for Australia and the wider APAC region?

SpotXchange is a one-stop shop for advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and trading desks, offering a simple and powerful marketplace of high quality video ad inventory that performs.

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25 July 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 3 Comments

Jordan Khoo Regional Director, APAC, MediaMind On The DG Acquisition, Optimising TV Ad Spend & Data Driven Display In APAC

Jordan Khoo, MediaMind’s Regional Director for APAC, discusses how DG and MediaMind bring the ability to traffic online and TV video assets through one vendor, the strong growth of video and mobile in the region and the challenge of scaling data-driven display in Australia and APAC.

Can you give an overview of MediaMind’s offering in Australia and the wider APAC region?

MediaMind’s focus in APAC is to be the campaign management platform of choice for leading agencies in the region. We started with rich media and quickly expanded to offer cross channel 3rd party ad-serving across display, search, in-stream & mobile. We have also recently launched our full service DSP solution in APAC.

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