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#TraderTalkTV: AudienceScience's Mark Connolly Explains the SaaS Model Versus the Traditional Media Buying Model

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Mark Connolly, MD Europe & APAC for AudienceScience, explains the SaaS (Software as a Service) model versus the traditional media-buying model. Explaining the work flow of a typical media buy, Connolly argues that much of the spend gets lost in the “Lumascape” vortex. A 100 million budget earmarked for media spend, Connolly points out, could easily end up being just 60 or 50 million in actual media buys – after intermediaries take a cut. Formerly a data solution provider and behavioural ad network, AudienceScience has now pivoted its model towards a SaaS solution – and acts as a technology vendor to marketers working on fixed fee basis. A brave move given the power of agencies in the buying chain. But AudienceScience is already working with a global FMCG brand which spends hundreds of millions every year on display – so the model is gaining traction with some big advertisers particularly those in procurement and CFO roles. It’ll be interesting to see how this debate will play out over the coming months.

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#TraderTalk TV: Ego-System or Eco-System? Pubmatic's Gareth Holmes Calls for a New Publisher Approach

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Gareth Holmes, UK Publisher Director at PubMatic, discusses the evolution of the SSP model in today’s market into a “Strategic Selling Platform”, allowing the publisher to focus on content-creation to engage users. Gareth breaks down the current CPM-driven ‘ego-system’, based on old assumptions, and its untenable position as a forward-thinking proposition.

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#TraderTalkTV: SpotXchange's Alex Merwin Explains the Mechanics of the "Multi-Bid"

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, SpotXchange‘s Alex Merwin addresses the problems with lack of transparency in the ecosystem, the issues with multi-bid and the problems with floor pricing. He further explains how publishers are currently seeing a tiny fraction of the total demand for their video inventory, and how they could leverage RTB more efficiently in the future via ‘multi-bid’.

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TraderTalk TV: Medyanet's Dogus Yildirim Gives an Overview of the Turkish Data-Driven Ad Market

Medyanet is a massive European sales house based in Istanbul with O&O – as well as represented – interests across traditional publishing, TV, radio and digital media (currently representing about 10 billion Turkish impressions per month). In true European sales house fashion, the company has also got a proprietary ad server (Adserver+), which their development team has built in-house over the past three years.

Here Dogus Yildirim, Business Development Manager at DOL gives both an overview of the emerging data-driven space in Turkey and insight into Medyanet’s strategy around programmatic trading.

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TraderTalk: Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project, Discusses Scaling RTB, The DealID And Why Internal Auctions Are Truncating Liquidity For Sellers

We love a proper tech debate at ExchangeWire. On this edition of TraderTalk we speak to Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project.

Here he discusses the infrastructure required to scale RTB globally, how Rubicon knitted together its recent acquisitions into present offering – and the problems with internal bidding within bidders in terms of how the “internal auction” practice is not giving sellers full liquidity.

Richter also goes into detail on standardisation, particularly OpenRTB, and how DealID works in the bidding process. We will be going into more on these topics in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

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TraderTalk: Adform Discusses Its Buy-Side Strategy And Why A Customised Solution Is A Requisite For Scaling Across Europe

Adform is a buy-side/advertising ad serving platform headquartered in the Nordics, with a presence in all the major European markets. Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Director of Marketing and New Business, and Gustav Mellentin, Co-Founder, Director sat down with ExchangeWire this week to discuss the company’s buy-side proposition, and how Adform customises its proposition for the European market.

Adform will be appearing on the How are Vendors Harmonising Premium with Programmatic Technology? panel at this year’s sold out ATS London.