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#TraderTalkTV : Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU, ValueClick on the Benefits of MultivariateTargeting

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU at ValueClick breaks down multivariate targeting, particularly around behavioural targeting. At the basic level, behavioural segments can be picked by hand for a campaign, the next step above that is to run the same campaign, but with a conversion rate tracked for each segment, however with this method behaviours will can be overlooked that the marketer hadn’t foreseen. Many large performance advertisers online opt for indexing, which is taking people who convert (or other desirable behaviours) and indexing them against the average user online. However, with this model, individual users are overlooked in favour of segments of users. The step beyond this, and the one Stefan feels works the best, is multivariate targeting, which aggregates all their behaviours, plus their content context and personalised information (such as geo, browser, ect.) for a holistic view of who the particular user is, driving a higher probability of conversion.

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#TraderTalkTV : Fabien Magalon, MD, La Place Media Breaks Down the Benefits of Publisher Partnership

This week’s #TraderTalkTV takes us back to Paris with ATS Paris speaker Fabien Magalon, Managing Director at La Place Media, where he breaks down the concept behind La Place Media, an alliance between five media sales houses/publishers. Now celebrating its one-year anniversary, La Place Media encompasses 150 sites, 30 million users and 4.5 billion impressions. Fabien juxtaposes direct sales versus what La Place Media offers, which focuses more on selling audience. Built around driving value to publishers, from January to June 2013 they were able to increase CPMs 36%. La Place Media started with display, but sees the potential for massive growth in the French mobile market, although there are currently issues with fragmentation of the space. Looking forward, La Place Media is also launching a Premium Video Ad Exchange, which will operate as a private marketplace.

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#TraderTalkTV : eXelate's Alain Sanjaume on Connecting Online & Mobile Data for Multiscreen Targeting

Straight from Paris, this week’s #TraderTalkTV sees Alain Sanjaume, Senior European Consultant at eXelate and speaker at next month’s ATS Paris, breaking down the use of third-party data across multiple screens, from the PC world to the mobile world. First, eXelate collects demographic & geo data, interest (content consumed), intent (to purchase) and branded data, from which they drop an anonymised cookie on the user. Multiscreen wants access to this type data beyond  the PC, however it’s tricky on a cookie-less platform where you have to resort to fingerprinting, user ID or device ID. The challenge lies in connecting these two modes with a digital touchpoint, which eXelate endeavours to do.

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#TraderTalkTV: Grapeshot CEO John Snyder Explains How Contextual Optimisation Boosts Performance & Lowers CPA

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Grapeshot CEO John Snyder explains the importance of keywords in the display purchasing process, instead of chasing the same users or simply having a bank of whitelisted URLs that lack relevance. With a specificity that mimics search, using keywords in display you can see patterns emerge around which content boosts campaign KPIs.

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#TraderTalkTV: Laurent Gibb, VP of Media at myThings, Explains How Retargeting is Evolving

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Laurent Gibb, VP of Media at myThings, a global personalised retargeting company breaks down how first-generation retargeting began and how second-generation retargeting is moving away from black box solution to being more a transparent process.

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#TraderTalkTV: Datacratic CEO James Prudhomme Explains How Clients Can Use & Adapt RTB Kit, an Open Source Bidder

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, James Prudhomme, CEO of Datacratic, gives us an overview of RTB Kit, an open source bidder. Here he goes through how you can build out a solution, as well as the companies and contributors involved in the project.

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#TraderTalkTV: Jonathan Beeston, Director, New Product Innovation, EMEA, Maps Out the Adobe Marketing Tech Stack

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Adobe’s Director of New Product Innovation for EMEA, Jonathan Beeston, breaks down where Adobe sits in the space. Specifically, its journey migrating from its established heritage on the creative suite side to monetising and managing creatives, led by strategic acquisitions. From over 20 offerings that it felt were confusing the market, Adobe has streamlined down to five solutions for simplicity: Analytics, Experience Manager, Target, Social and Media Optimiser.

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#TraderTalkTV: AudienceScience's Mark Connolly Explains the SaaS Model Versus the Traditional Media Buying Model

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Mark Connolly, MD Europe & APAC for AudienceScience, explains the SaaS (Software as a Service) model versus the traditional media-buying model. Explaining the work flow of a typical media buy, Connolly argues that much of the spend gets lost in the “Lumascape” vortex. A 100 million budget earmarked for media spend, Connolly points out, could easily end up being just 60 or 50 million in actual media buys – after intermediaries take a cut. Formerly a data solution provider and behavioural ad network, AudienceScience has now pivoted its model towards a SaaS solution – and acts as a technology vendor to marketers working on fixed fee basis. A brave move given the power of agencies in the buying chain. But AudienceScience is already working with a global FMCG brand which spends hundreds of millions every year on display – so the model is gaining traction with some big advertisers particularly those in procurement and CFO roles. It’ll be interesting to see how this debate will play out over the coming months.

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#TraderTalkTV: Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist, The Rubicon Project, Explains Deal ID & the Open RTB Initiative

Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at The Rubicon Project, breaks down the concept of Deal ID (a unique string token, passed on the bid call to various bidders). Richter describes the crucial role played by Deal ID in the private marketplace, and explains how Open RTB is addressing some of the key problems that existing current trading model.

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#TraderTalkTV: Visual IQ's Adit Abhyankar Explains How Attribution is Moving From Analytics to Operations

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Visual IQ‘s Adit Abhyankar explains how the conversation around attribution is moving from analytics to operations. Visual IQ addresses the problem of attribution by looking at both direct and cross-channel, digital and offline. Adit breaks down how to action this data from a practitioner’s point of view, holistically, integrating both top-down and bottom-up attribution. Combining the standard, econometric approach with granular digital attribution leads to more informed scenario planning. Moving from merely a statistical approach to actually observing user behaviour at the user level, leads to recommendations at the placement and keyword level — which can be optimised in real-time.