• Building a DTC Travel Business: Q&A with Tourlane

    Direct-to-consumer is one of the most evolving, talked-about, and exciting trends in business at the moment, spanning sectors from fashion and apparel, to insurance and finance. In this Q&A, Julian Stiefel, co-CEO & founder, Tourlane, a leading online travel agency, [...]

  • IPA Bellwether Report Shows Weakest Growth in 3 Years

    Total marketing budgets were revised higher during the third quarter of 2018, extending the current period of growth to six years, but to the weakest extent in almost three years. This is according to the Q3 IPA Bellwether Report, published [...]

  • The Incremental Visit: The Opportunity to Measure What Matters

    Thanks to the advances in location technologies, it is possible to know which visitors to a retailer’s store have seen the brand’s ad. However, simply measuring total in-store visits of consumers exposed to a digital campaign is not enough to [...]

  • Helping Small Compete with Big: Q&A with eBay Advertising

    Fresh off the back of announcing the soft launch of their self-serve advertising product, RetailTechNews spoke to Bert Basset (pictured below), EU director of revenue labs, eBay Advertising, to understand more about the product and how it can help small businesses.  RetailTechNews: How does the new [...]

  • Knowing Your Retail Partners – Q&A with E Fundamentals

    Picking the right retail partners is a challenge faced by every brand. Invest too much in the wrong channel, and risk heavy losses, while the right channel can be a long-term, sustainable source of sales. Here, John Maltman, CEO, E [...]

  • The Keys to Technological Integration – Q&A with Perry Ellis International

    The race for technological integration in retail is well and truly on. Whether its IoT, AR, or virtual assistants, retailers are always on the lookout for exciting ways to drive consumer engagement and improve the bottom line. In this Q&A [...]

  • We All Love Consumer Reviews, But Can We Trust Them?

    In this piece, Joe Rohrlich, EVP & general manager, Bazaarvoice tells RetailTechNews how having consumer ratings and reviews on your website has become essential to meeting shopper expectations. According to their latest Shopper Experience Index, businesses with customer-generated content on their [...]

  • The State of the Amazon Marketplace; Smart Speakers to Surpass Wearables

    RetailTechNews’ weekly Amazon watch brings you some of the company’s biggest moves from the past seven days, analysing how the giant is revolutionising the retail space. In this week’s edition: The State of the Amazon Marketplace; Smart Speakers to Surpass [...]

  • Selling Your Goods Online: Measurement, Challenges, and Pioneers – Q&A with Summit

    Selling goods online is by no means an even playing field. Some companies base their whole business models around it, while some find it a perennial thorn in their side. Speaking exclusively with RetailTechNews, David Trolle (pictured below), head of online [...]

  • AI Realities & Futures In Retail

    The retail sector has often been regarded as slow when it comes to the adoption of artificial intelligence. However, an industry that once seemed unsure how best to leverage this technology, is slowly getting to grips with its proper application. [...]