Ad Fraud

  • IPA Bellwether Report Q2 2017

    Marketing budgets are being sustained at a robust rate, but Brexit, political uncertainty, and rising inflation are impacting financial prospects, reveals Q2 2017 IPA Bellwether, released this Wednesday (19 July).

    Report highlights

    – Largest expansion in marketing budgets for just under a year

    – Optimism regarding company financial prospects lowest in four-and-a-half years

    – Industry financial prospects turn increasingly negative

    – Modest growth in ad spend predicted in 2017 before stagnation in 2018

    The Report, which has been conducted [...]

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  • Now & Next: Ad Fraud

    Global programmatic ad spend is predicted to reach USD$37bn (£30bn) by 2019, up from USD$14.2bn (£11.5bn) in 2015. However, as programmatic budgets boom, so do the opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage. In 2016, fraud and viewability concerns ranked as the biggest barriers facing programmatic adoption. This edition of ExchangeWire’s Now & Next takes a closer look at what needs to be done to stop an industry which is emerging as one of the biggest organised crime enterprises [...]

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  • The Coming of Age of Mobile Programmatic: Fraudulent Desktop Practices Moving to Mobile

    Much has been written about ad fraud as a growing advertising concern recently; and various studies have attempted to quantify the scale of the problem. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), for example, suggests that the corresponding wasted advertising investment, due to bot fraud, amounts to USD$7bn (£4.8bn) this year alone. Many of these articles and studies talk only about fraud on the supply side of the ecosystem, with bots simulating legitimate publishers. It’s far less common to read about [...]

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  • Video Will Become Dominant Growth-Driving Ad Format: Q&A with Erwin Plomp, VP RTB, Fyber

    What is the state of programmatic advertising in Europe and how will it continue to develop over the next 12 months? ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Erwin Plomp (pictured below), vice president, RTB, Fyber to find out his views on the challenges the market continues to face and the direction the industry is heading.

    ExchangeWire: What were the prevailing attitudes towards programmatic at dmexco this year? Was there a lot of positivity around the prospects for European growth?

    Erwin Plomp: Absolutely. IAB Europe revealed that European [...]

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  • Silver Audiences Booking Holidays Online; iOS Not Immune to App-Install Fraud

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Grey audiences booking holidays online; iOS not immune to app-install fraud; Budgets allocated beyond pre-roll; Publishers see post-Brexit growth.

    Grey audiences booking holidays online

    Two-thirds (65%) of audiences aged 55+ are more likely to book a holiday with a company that offers them a deal via email, research from Mailjet suggests. Personalisation is key [...]

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  • Is Email 2016’s Advertiser Panacea?

    Could email solve all our digital advertising woes? Stuart Austin, head of retargeting, ESBConnect lays down the facts and benefits of email for ExchangeWire, saying email’s poor reputation is masking its value in digital marketing strategies.

    Reading articles, posts, and blogs on the state of online advertising in 2016, there are a lot of common issues affecting advertisers and agencies, and many that email could help with if, advertisers took another look at it.

    Transparency & engagement

    Too many buyers are [...]

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  • Ex-Fintech Engineers Launch New Native SSP: Q&A with Simon Gilbert, CEO, Patrius

    There’s a new native SSP in town and it’s been built by ex-fintech engineers. Still working with beta partners, but launching imminently, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Simon Gilbert (pictured below), CEO, Patrius, who draws the many parallels between ad tech and fintech, explaining why there is a need for an independent native SSP in the ecosystem and what Patrius will bring to the table.

    ExchangeWire: Your background is in investment banking technology. What prompted you to move into the world [...]

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  • A System of Record with Data Integrity: Q&A with Impact Radius & Forensiq

    14 June, 2016, it was announced that Impact Radius, the marketing and affiliate solutions platform, had acquired ad fraud detection and prevention platform, Forensiq, for an undisclosed sum, in a bid to offer a unique market proposition. According to the press release at the time, no company before had combined algorithmic attribution of consumer journey touchpoints with cutting-edge ad fraud detection to reveal insights that are not polluted by fraudulent data. Keen to understand more about the acquisition, the [...]

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  • Where the Wild Bots Are: The Rise & Rise of Ad Fraud

    Ad fraud affects the entire supply chain, but at varying degrees and with different outcomes. How are publishers affected by ad fraud and is it a bigger issue for them than they think? ExchangeWire speak with Dr Augustine Fou (pictured below), a cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher, who advises advertisers, publishers, and agencies on the technical aspects of fighting digital ad fraud and improving the effectiveness of digital advertising. Here, Dr Fou explains how publishers are affected by ad fraud and [...]

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  • Double Verification Optimal for Ad Fraud Detection: Q&A with Coull & Forensiq

    Ad fraud is huge. The ANA estimates that ad fraud is a USD$7.2bn (£4.9bn) problem for the ad industry. ExchangeWire spoke with Ben Sonnex, product manager, Coull and Julia Smith, director of communications, Forensiq (both pictured), about the growth of ad fraud, how it needs to be tackled as an industry, and the steps that the video ad tech platform have put in place to reduce the impact of fraud for their business.

    Ad fraud can mean all things to all [...]

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