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  • Is There Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

    Today (24 February) ad blocking company Shine, announced that they are rebranding as ‘Rainbow‘. Rainbow is described as “a consumer ad experience”, and the company states: “We are no longer selling ad blocking to mobile carriers, or ISPs.”

    In short, Rainbow is an ad verification company, and the verification criteria is not unique – Rainbow uses industry-defined standards.

    For advertisers and agencies, the process of Rainbow verification is the same as working with any other verification company: submit ads to Rainbow and [...]

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  • An Open Source SDK is About Democratising Viewability: Q&A with Jason Cooper, Integral Ad Science

    Following Integral Ad Science’s recent announcement that it will open source its mobile verification software development kit (SDK) for media quality measurement, ExchangeWire caught up with Jason Cooper (pictured below), general manager – mobile, Integral Ad Science to discuss what this would mean for the future of measurement.

    ExchangeWire: Integral Ad Science has announced they will open source their mobile verification software development kit (SDK) for media quality measurement – why have they decided to do this?

    Jason Cooper: Advertisers want to be [...]

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  • The Great Log Blog: What Did the Log Ever Do for Us?

    The mere mention of a log (outside the context of web logs, or blogs) could instil reader boredom. Logs are a fundamental, functional part of IT infrastructure and are used for everything. According to Phillip Hayman (pictured below), head of technical services, sales engineering, Integral Ad Science, when you refer to logs in the context of ad tech, they start to become interesting. Here, Hayman explains to ExchangeWire how the use of logs in ad verification allow for transformative [...]

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