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  • 2017 Will Be a Year of Action for Brands, Agencies & Technology Providers

    2016 has been a fascinating year for the industry, best summed up as the ‘year of transparency’, as the ANA (alongside Facebook’s ‘inflate-gate’) helped to remind brands of the importance of transparency, and driving this throughout the entire media supply chain. As Ryan Kangisser, founder and managing partner of ad tech and martech consultancy, Stack I/O explains, it has signalled a fundamental change in the way of working.

    Marketers have needed to take a much more proactive role in the [...]

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  • Empower the Marketer & the Data Scientist: Q&A with Vijay Chittoor, CEO, Blueshift

    Data-driven storytelling is a challenge and a goal for many a marketer, with the ability to customise recommendations to different audiences based on brand interaction near impossible, due to the blackbox nature of existing recommendation engines. ExchangeWire speak with Vijay Chittoor (pictured below), CEO, Blueshift, about how the launch of the ‘Blueshift Personalization Studio’ aims to change the landscape entirely and bring power not just to the marketers, but also to the data scientists.

    ExchangeWire: The launch of the ‘Blueshift Personalization Studio’ allows marketers [...]

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  • Politely Interruptive Ad Formats: Time-Based Advertising Explained

    Campaign measurement using time-based metrics is becoming increasingly popular; but is it still largely misunderstood? ExchangeWire speak with Perry Papadopoulos (pictured below), VP of engineering and product, Parsec, who explains why time-based advertising is so effective, and how to make a success of it.

    You’d be hard-pressed in 2016 to find a more popular digital advertising metric than time, and for good reason. The amount of time that someone spends with an advertisement is likely the strongest indication of impact, relevance, [...]

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