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  • Why a Video Strategy is Critical for Publishers

    When the value of a product soars, everyone wants to stock it. So, with video ad spend growing by 40% this year and due to rise by a further 32% in 2017, it’s no surprise that publishers are rushing to adorn their shop front with the ‘video sold here’ sign. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Alex Bornyakov, co-founder and CEO, VertaMedia explains why, when it comes to video strategy, acting in haste is a bad decision for a reason.

    Video has the ability [...]

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  • Ve Interactive Launch New Programmatic Video Solution, Following Optomaton Purchase

    Today (9 December) ExchangeWire exclusively announce the launch of a new programmatic video solution from Ve Interactive to deliver seamless brand experiences and drive performance for its 10,000 clients globally.

    In September 2016 Ve Interactive, the UK-based conversion and digital advertising company, with offices in 36 countries, announced the acquisition of Optomaton, an independent DSP, specialising in video, for €5.13m (£4.02m).

    Adding a video DSP to Ve Interactive’s existing technology stack will allow the technology platform to programmatically [...]

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  • Video Advertising is an Untapped Opportunity for B2B Companies

    Video advertising is growing at a fair rate of knots, with it being applauded as a high-engagement medium across many industries; but what about it’s effectiveness in the B2B realms? ExchangeWire speak with Amay Velu (pictured below), head of operations, Videobeat Networks, about how B2B firms are turning to the unlikely medium of video advertising to maximise their return.

    Traditional image display advertising has become a large part of online advertising. As an add-on to a large scale campaign, [...]

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  • Interactive Video: A Land Where Not All Impressions Are Created Equal

    Interactive video sounds like a format reserved only for the science fiction genre; but it is fast becoming a mainstream reality, with publishers increasingly using it to create immersive experiences for their customers. Liam Brennan (pictured below), global digital director, MediaCom, tells ExchangeWire that brands and agencies will need to abandon traditional online video assumptions to fully embrace interactive video and dynamic content.

    Increasing audience fragmentation, and a decline in live TV viewing among younger audiences, have led brands to build, or [...]

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  • If a Video Ad Plays, but Nobody Hears It, Does It Make a Sound?

    Users are consuming web content on the run: on their way to work, while at a meeting, or during lunch. Now, more than ever, users are extremely fast with deciding what they will watch and what not. And, to make it more challenging, more often than not, their mobile device is muted. Oded Shoham (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, evania video explains to ExchangeWire the urgent need of a new creative approach and ways of getting users’ attention efficiently in [...]

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  • Intent, Data-driven Video is the Next Frontier of Programmatic Branding

    With presence at Cannes this year, Captify take the time to explain to ExchangeWire why the brand market is now the main power behind display. Here, Vincent Potier, COO, Captify (pictured below), says that branding advertisers are driving the growth of video; but to make it work for them, they need to combine it with elusive, yet powerful, intent data.

    For anyone involved in the advertising technology industry, it’s become obvious that the most mature markets (United Kingdom, United States) [...]

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  • Tremors in the UK Video SSP Market

    Tremor Video recently announced the appointment of Andy Morley as managing director, UK; and, even more recently, that the UK arm of the global company would be undergoing some significant changes. ExchangeWire met with Morley (pictured below) on the day of his three-month anniversary at Tremor Video to discuss these changes and his new direction for the company.

    When Morley was appointed as UK MD of the well-established ad network, he joined a company that faced an identity crisis. According to [...]

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  • 15 Seconds is the Sweet Spot: A View on YouTube’s ‘Snackable’ Strategy

    Video consumption is continually on the rise. Consumers seek out snackable content and often that is found in video format. Advertisers have their work cut out trying to engage with these consumers. So, how long is the ideal video ad for maximum brand engagement? Paul Neto (pictured below), senior research director, YuMe, shares the results of YuMe’s comprehensive research in video ad lengths and video strategy with ExchangeWire and argues that short and sweet isn’t always best.

    If a video ad is [...]

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  • Facebook Going After TV Budget with Introduction of Video to Audience Network

    Last week (16 May), Facebook announced that they are going to extend the reach of video adverts through their Audience Network. The announcement will mean that beyond just Facebook and Instagram, advertisers will now be able to buy video inventory across other publisher apps and sites through FAN. What does this move by Facebook mean for the video market?

    According to Facebook, 100 million hours of video are watched on their social media platform every day, and video viewing time on [...]

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  • VAST 4.0: The New Video Advertising Age

    The trackability of video is a complex area. However, great strides are being made in reducing this complexity. ExchangeWire speak with Phillip Hayman (pictured below), UK head of sales engineering, Integral Ad Science, about the release of VAST 4.0 and how it is improving measurement of video advertising.

    A question I’m frequently asked is why aren’t all online video ad impressions created equal? Why can some be tracked, while others can’t? The quick answer is that the ability to track video ad impressions, and [...]

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