• The Promise of Cross-Device Attribution

    Cross-device tracking and attribution has been a problem for marketers ever since smartphone and tablet use became mainstream. The conundrum that markets face is how to allocate budget across desktop, tablet, and mobile channels when they cannot calculate ROI accurately. Without cross-device tracking on a user-by-user basis, brands may well be targeting the same person many more times than they realise. Not only is this costly, it’s annoying. 

    According to research published by GlobalWebIndex, the typical digital consumer now owns 3.64 [...]

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  • Cross Device & Tomorrow’s Customer Journey: A Blueprint

    In his latest column for ExchangeWire, Gareth Davies (pictured below), founder and CEO, Adbrain, keeps us informed of the evolving trends of cross device and what the future holds for people-based identity.

    In a recent post for ExchangeWire, I argued the strategic imperative for marketers to de-silo their rich, customer-centric data assets to create a single customer view for cross-device measurement, attribution, and targeting. Citing the spoils of a single-customer utopia, true omni-channel customer journeys could be mapped across a [...]

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  • The Measurement Revolution: A Universal User Token for the Web

    The future of measurement is the adoption of a universal user token. A blunt, yet nonetheless accurate, statement that seems to be the consensus across the industry. Are we even remotely close to achieving this? The answer is yes, thanks to DigiTrust, an industry non-profit consortium supporting a standardised user token to improve the consumer web experience.

    Founded in 2014 by 20 leading ad tech platforms, DigiTrust’s goal was to research and develop a solution to solve the existing [...]

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  • State of the Nation: Cross-Device & the Move to Identity

    Cross-device marketing has seen significant development over the past 18 months, with developments in technology resulting in improved measurement, yet greater fragmentation due to the proliferation of devices. Gareth Davies (pictured below), CEO, Adbrain writes exclusively for ExchangeWire about the evolution of cross-device and how owning a unified customer view is crucial to delivering a personalised marketing strategy.

    Cross-device, or people-based marketing (the ability to target, measure, or engage a single person across all their digital devices), has moved over the last [...]

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  • Undertone Partners with Facebook Canvas for Cross-device Retargeting: Q&A with Rob Garber, MD EMEA, Undertone

    High-impact advertising, as the name suggests, is designed to capture user interest by means of interactivity, or just sheer size. Facebook got in on the mobile act, launching Canvas and Undertone recently announced a partnership with them to introduce cross-device retargeting capabilities for the ad format. ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Rob Garber (pictured below), MD EMEA, Undertone about what value the partnership will bring to Canvas and how cross-device retargeting will actually work.

    ExchangeWire: What is Facebook Canvas?

    Rob Garber: Canvas [...]

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  • Fundamentally, Users Aren't Cookies: Q&A with Ezra Pierce, CEO, Avocet & David de Jong, CEO, Screen6

    With people now almost exclusively cross-device, effective measurement and management of their consumption is crucial. ExchangeWire spoke with Ezra Pierce, co-founder and CEO, Avocet and David de Jong, co-founder and CEO, Screen6 about their partnership, which allows cross-device conversion management within a DSP and how the industry can tackle the cross-device challenge. 

    ExchangeWire: Screen6, a cross-device platform that operates relatively under the radar partnering with Avocet, a relatively new DSP in the market – how did the partnership come [...]

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  • Putting Together the Fragments: Recalibrating How Media is Planned & Bought

    With the world of advertising fragmented, Nick Reid (pictured below), UK managing director, TubeMogul, explains to ExchangeWire why fragmentation is a good thing – as long as marketers know how to make the most of it.

    Being a marketer in today’s fragmented world sometimes feels like playing a video game. After every level you manage to pass, some new, dark challenge appears, costing a life and bringing you one step closer to ‘Game Over’.

    In the marketing world, fragmentation is the real-life equivalent [...]

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  • Mobile Device IDs Will Lead in a Converged Media Landscape

    The cookie may not be dead, but with smartphone consumption continually growing, mobile device IDs could reign supreme as the media landscape continues to converge. Leo Giel (pictured below), chief revenue officer, YouAppi, tells ExchangeWire that marketers should not ignore device IDs in their mobile targeting strategies if they want to effectively identify their audience in a connected world. 

    In the last decade, my daily media habits have expanded exponentially as I added a smartphone, a games console, multiple fitness devices, [...]

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  • Forget the 4 P's of Marketing – Today it’s All About the 4 I's

    Can successful digital marketing strategies been borne out of the traditional 4 P’s marketing mix? Dominic Dunne (pictured below), managing director, Drawbridge UK tells ExchangeWire that, while the marketing itself hasn’t changed, marketers’ tactics and capabilities have; and the increased access to data and analytics will allow an evolution of marketing concepts.

    At the core of traditional marketing are the all-important “4 P’s:” Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. These have been the essential components of marketing textbooks for the past [...]

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  • ATS Paris: French Ad Tech is Thriving

    Wednesday 13 April saw the sixth annual ATS Paris event take place, proving yet again that French ad tech truly is alive and well. The day kicked off with Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire, professing his admiration for the French ad tech industry and introducing a packed agenda comprising three keynotes, five panel discussions, and two fireside chats, hearing from a wide variety of speakers, including vendors, agencies, publishers and marketers.

    Throughout the day, key challenges within the digital industry were discussed [...]

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