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OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan Discusses Publisher Yield Management Strategy

In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode we feature a conversation with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO, that took place at the recent ATS New York event.

In an extensive fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, Cadogan covers a wide variety of areas effecting the supply-side – everything from header bidding right through to holistic yield management.

Some of the key areas discussed in this week’s TraderTalkTV includes:

– Open versus closed optimisation strategy
– Applying holistic yield management to the pub stack
– How publishers are evolving expertise and resource around managing all classes of ad inventory
– Marrying yield management with traditional sales channels, and how both can inform overall monetisation strategy
– The increased sophistication of rev ops, and why a data-focused approach is fundamental to publisher ad rev management
– The rise of header bidding and its effect on inventory monetisation
– Why a service layer on top of technology is critical for publishers