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17 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

DeCastroExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

1. Yahoo Parts Ways with COO De Castro Ahead Of Ad Exchange Roll-Out

Earlier this week it emerged that Yahoo has axed its former Chief Operating Officer Henrique De Castro (pictured), who headed up its display ad business, with speculation indicating that his exit is largely the result of his failure to significantly raise the company’s advertising revenues.

In a note obtained by press outlets, which has been accredited to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it looks unlikely that De Castro will be directly replaced. Yahoo is currently preparing to roll out its recently overhauled suite of advertising tools in Europe, including a new self-serve bidder that will look to offer Yahoo segments (built from a myriad of data sources, including search and email) exclusively through the solution. Quite how the exit of such a high profile figure will influence Yahoo’s sales pitches to advertisers remains unclear, but it will make for an interesting backdrop.

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5 November 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

ADFOX Report: Russian RTB-market in H1 2013

daa3a75f6cd07da6a2ad27f54800bc20According to an AdEx Benchmark 2012 study, published by IAB Europe, Russia ranks fourth in Europe in terms of its online advertising market (€1.6 billion in 2012). The Russian market has grown at an impressive annual rate of 34%. The development of programmatic buying has been a significant driver of this growth. Last year, the main players in the RTB market were identified, which included almost all of the major internet companies. European and American companies are now looking at the Russian market with great interest, and this promises to be an important impetus for further development. While the major RTB markets are already fully mature, the Russian market is now on the threshold of it.

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11 September 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Kazim Tahir-Kheli, MD Russia for QUISMA, Discusses Double-Digit Expansion & How the Region Differs From Other Markets

QUISMA_Kazim Tahir-Kheli_Red_Print (481x640)Can you give some overview on the recent trends in the Russian market?

The Russian digital advertising market continues its yearly double-digit expansion, even as the underlying increase in internet population has gradually decelerated, hovering now around 70% audience penetration.

What’s fuelling this is continued expansion—to the tune of over 30% per year—of search marketing, which is now twice the size of the display market in Russia. Increasing regional enterprise and small-business search spend play a key role here, as does the ever-increasing interest in digital performance marketing to drive direct business results. Some of this interest has been driven by a rapid increase in ecommerce in Russia. Issues of payments (in a country with limited credit card penetration) and logistics had depressed Russian ecommerce, but there has been rapid catch-up as these issues have been overcome.

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ExchangeWire Signing Off For 2012

ExchangeWire wishes to express its thanks and gratitude to everyone who has become part of our community. ExchangeWire is signing off for the remainder of 2012, preparing for what will be a truly transformational 2013. So take some time off, reflect and refocus.

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5 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Tinkoff Digital Launch DSP Solution, DataMind, For The Russian Market

Tinkoff Digital, the newly-launched digital ad solution provider, is announcing that it is a rolling out a DSP for the Russian market. DataMind will be Tinkoff Digital’s first product launch in the market.

The new solution is aimed squarely at Russsia’s fast growing e-commerce market, but the company is stressing that the platform can also be used by agencies. Given that the big holding groups are still figuring out their strategy for Russia, it seems likely that much of DataMind’s business will come from Russia’s big growth e-commerce sector.

DataMind will focus initially on graphical display, but there are plans to roll out on mobile in the first quarter of next year. It is also worth noting that Tinkoff Digital raised about USD $20 million both to acquire and build out its different offerings over the coming twelve months.

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26 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

The Rise Of The Data Driven Market In Russia, And The Key Players To Look Out For In 2013

Venture Capitalists and “tech” trade press types have been salivating over the potential of the Russian internet market for some time now with an avalanche of posts offering some unique perspective. Given the hot air that perpetually emanates from both parties, you’d be forgiven for disbelieving the hyperbole. However, the numbers and demographics definitely do support the premise that Russia will come to dominate the European internet market.

So how will this big growth affect the data-driven ad market in Russia, and who will be the key players? Before we look at the principal players in the real-time advertising space, let’s run through the numbers for those uninitiated with the great Russian internet bear.

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8 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Nikolay Danilov, Head of Display Ad Services at Yandex, Discusses the Russian Digital Ad Market

ExchangeWire have been watching the emerging Russian market with interest. Looking to gain some insight into how things are developing, we caught up with Nikolay Danilov, Head of Display Ad Services at Yandex, to shed some light on what we can expect and look forward to in the burgeoning region.

Can you give some overview on the Yandex RTB strategy? How evolved is the Russian RTB market?

Russia’s RTB market is in a very early stage compared to how it looks in Europe and the US today. Yandex was the first Russian company to launch fully-fledged RTB this year, and as the largest Russian online service hub we see our strategy and mission to be promoting RTB’s benefits on a bigger scale than just pushing our in-house platform. We think RTB is able to give a second breath to display advertising in Russia as is makes inventory accessible for more advertisers.

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ATS London Wrap-Up


KEYNOTE 1: Our first keynote speaker of the day was Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising Google, who gave us a presentation titled “Programmatic for the People”.
- Programmatic buying moving from performance to also include brand.
- You get what you measure.
- Let’s get that brand spend away from TV!

PANEL 1: “How are data & technology affecting change in advertising?”
This first panel was moderated by Erich Wasserman, Co-founder & GM, EMEA, MediaMath, with discussion between Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer, Weather Channel; Anthony Rhind, Co-CEO, Havas Digital and Sean Cornwall, former MD, eHarmony.

Anthony Rind, Havas: “Know the value, not just the cost of data. What you’re doing with data is improving your accuracy, not providing a 100% hit rate. Clients won’t share their data unless they have absolute trust. Build attribution models based in comparing touchpoints of both converters & non converters, it proves display works.”

Curt Hecht, Weather Channel: “Mobile is the #1 thing I’m focused on. Mobile will make the Weather Channel global.”

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2 August 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ATS London Announces World Class List Of Speakers And Agenda

It’s the biggest data-driven advertising event in Europe. It’s the event that even has its own acronym. ATS London is now in its third year, and the line-up of speakers and content is the best yet. Often copied – A LOT! – but never equalled, ATS London brings together the best in the global online ad industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in the space. And this year is no exception.

It is clear that our industry is moving beyond the mess of the LumaScape to a platform-centric world, and this certainly is one of the key areas being explored by ATS London this year. The full-day programme will be organised into three core themes: brand, application and big data. All of these are effectively shaping the data-driven ad space, and speakers and participants on the day will explore these issues in more depth.

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16 July 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

smartclip Partners With LG Electronics’ Smart TV Ad Platform Across Europe, Russia and Australia

smartclip, the multiscreen and brand advertising platform, and LG Electronics announced on Friday that smartclip will monetise all ad inventory on the LG Smart TV Platform across Europe, Russia and Australia. The partnership with LG Smart TV offers advertisers a range of branding possibilities, enabling brand marketers to extend their reach to new audiences with these new smart devices and engage with them on additional levels through the TV screen.

The agreement between smartclip and LG Electronics will give advertisers access to the entire ad inventory on the LG Smart TV Platform, ranging from pre-roll and banner ads to unique and interactive ad formats, aiming to enhance the viewer’s experience as well as offering targeting opportunities via ad-serving technologies. Advertisers who jump on the bandwagon hope to be at the forefront of digital advertising as early adopters of the new Smart TV technology. The controlled environment of the LG Electronics Smart TV Ad Platform also claims a completely brand safe experience with efficiency and accuracy.

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