1/3 of Mexican Internet Users Interact with Ads; ROIx Presents Programmatic Audio Platform

In this week’s LATAM Roundup: One third of Mexican internet users interact with online advertising campaigns, according to the most recent study by the Internet Association of Mexico; ROIx presents their programmatic audio platform in Brazil, built with 178 different players in their inventory; and Direct Talk and Seekr launch their first platform in Brazil after partnership.
1/3 of Mexican internet users interact with digital ads

Online activity and interactions among Mexican internet users jumped from 20.2% to 70% between 2006 and 2016; whereas internet penetration already reaches 63%, according to the latest study by the Internet Association of Mexico.

The research also reveals that a third of internet users in the country interact with digital ads; with tourism, fashion, and shoe advertising being the most successful campaigns in terms of interest and interaction rates.

At least 50% of Mexicans with internet access have done at least one purchase after seeing an online ad. On the other hand, the study emphasises how sensitive to price the local consumer is when shopping online.

The top online activities in Mexico are social media (83%), email (78%), and general information search (74%). On average, the Mexican internet user visits five social media services, spending 38% of their online time on such websites.

ROIx introduces programmatic audio platform

The online audience company ROIx introduced last week in Brazil their latest programmatic audio platform, AUDIOx. The company emphasised that 76% of Brazilian internet users constantly stream music when online, according to Ibope, representing a valuable market locally.

AUDIOx follows the models of ROIx’s main offer, TVxtender, a video platform that uses big data for campaigns. Therefore, AUDIOx also has a proprietary data layer when reaching mobile and desktop users, making 15 and 30 slots available for brands. The campaigns can be set to audience segments according to location, time of the day, and demographic and behavioural data.

Of the current user base of TVxtender (180 million unique users), more than half usually also get daily access to online audio content. The new solution can be integrated with their video and display platforms, so that marketers can create cross-channel campaigns.

ROIx aims to reach a billion impressions with AUDIOx, which already has 178 players in its inventory, including local web radios and streaming platforms in Brazil and worldwide.

Direct Talk & Seekr launch their first platform in Brazil since partnership

Direct Talk and Seekr presented their Hi Platform earlier last week, the first solution in Brazil since the companies announced a joint operation last March. The platform combines Direct Talk’s solution for customer support and automation, such as chatbots, with Seekr’s social media monitoring system.

The companies claim to have 700 clients, such as Netshoes, Porto Seguro, Natura, Sky, Nissin, and FastShop, and aim to quadruple revenue over the next four years, from R$25m (£6.3m) to R$100m (£25.4m). They will also expand to other Latin American countries, focusing on Hi Platform, as well as some regions in Europe and North America. A new investment round is in the pipeline to evolve their relationship platform before that.

“We are multichannel, available in every customer relationship media, from social media to all other digital channels. We work so that our tools are easily available for integration with others, bringing benefits and balance in the relationships between brand and customers”, said Ricardo Heidorn, chief sales officer, Hi Platform.