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ATS London 2016: Ad Tech Meets Martech – Modern Marketing in Flux

The first panel of the day at ATS London 2016, ‘Ad Tech Meets Martech: Modern Marketing in Flux”, saw ExchangeWire’s CEO Ciaran O’Kane speak to a panel of experts about the convergence of the ad tech and martech industries, discussing how advertising is evolving and what is driving this evolution. Lara Izlan, programmatic trading & innovation, Auto Trader; Damian Burns, global head of sales, Atlas by Facebook; Chip Scovic, CRO, TubeMogul; and David Wiener, VP product management, Oracle deliver an engaging panel discussion, which proved the flux of modern marketing goes far beyond the definitions of ad tech versus martech.

This panel covers:
– The direction of convergence and what is happening in the industry to fuel it
– How companies that were previously considered as ad tech companies are pushing into the martech field through the use of data
– How Auto Trader, speaking as a marketer and a publisher, are still waiting for the promise of a one-size-fits-all technology stack
– How, regardless of the debate over ad tech and martech, data is the power behind it, and the real signal of how modern marketing is in flux
– What is required in the industry for attribution to pay a key part in the marketing mix, with the slow adoption driven by the continued existence of channel silos
– The value of CRM and its critical path for marketers and publishers
– How the blurred lines of ad tech and martech are ultimately being driven by marketers and their core values