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How Can Ad Tech Save the Publisher? ATS London 2016 Panel

Join Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire, as she moderates an incendiary panel at ATS London 2016 with panelists Adnan Ebrahim, founder and CEO, Car Throttle; Amir Malik, programmatic director, Trinity Mirror; Andrew Casale, president and CEO, Index Exchange; and Neal Richter, CTO, Rubicon Project. How can ad tech save the publisher?

Key points from the panel discussion include:
– How ad tech is being sold to publishers and how they navigate this
– The publisher opinion on PMPs and the resulting attempt to force the strongest yield possible from the open marketplace
– Why full stacks don’t work for publishers
– Why second-price auction modeling needs to be reviewed
– Opinions on who should be responsible for running the marketplace – the publishers or the exchanges?
– The impact of the absence of critical knowledge in programmatic monetisation among publishers
– How header bidding has impacted publishers and forced the SSPs to adapt
– Why unified data sets can help the publisher, rather than tweaking auction prices
– How ad tech companies that take fair share, and nothing more, will reign supreme
– The positives of ad tech resource moving into publishers
– How forcing competition against Google has made yields healthier
– The publisher view on the DMP
– What a future publisher stack looks like