What You Need To Know About Supply Path Optimisation

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PubMatic has released a white paper, Understanding Supply Path Optimization¸ which outlines options that agencies and advertisers have to solve these problems and why they exist in the first place. Spoiler alert: as the title suggests, the solution will begin with changing which impressions buyers allow to exist within their auction.

Programmatic advertising is projected to reach nearly $100bn (£78.7bn) in spend globally in 2020. To put that into perspective, in 2015, programmatic advertising spend was less than a third of that, totalling approximately $30bn (£23.6bn). That kind of growth is astounding in any industry, and it comes with growing pains and unique challenges.

For ad tech, some of the largest challenges have been related to fees, quality and auction transparency. How much of each dollar an advertiser spends gets to the publisher? Which companies are taking a piece out of that dollar? What value are does each company on the supply chain add?

To help provide more clarity and actionable insights for DSPs, agencies and advertisers interested in implementing SPO, the primer delves into the following:

– What SPO is, and how it works
– Why buyers employing SPO strategies
– How to effectively implement SPO programs
– How to measure the success of SPO efforts
– What the future state looks like


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