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  • The Nuances of Education-Tech Publisher Monetisation: Q&A with Brainly & Yieldbird

    In September, ad-optimisation company, Yieldbird, announced a new partnership with Brainly, an education technology publisher, which offers a unique platform for sharing knowledge amongst students, across 35 languages. ExchangeWire speaks exclusively with Przemysław Oborski, business development manager, Brainly, and Bartłomiej Chmiel, managing director, Yieldbird (both pictured below), about the nuances of publisher yield optimisation in the edtech sector.

    ExchangeWire: Can you explain what Brainly does and how the site works?

    Przemysław Oborski, Brainly: Brainly is the world’s largest student-powered, peer-to-peer learning community. Our mission [...]

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  • Programmatic Still Seen As Method for Monetising Unsold Inventory in CEE: Q&A with Bartłomiej Chmiel, MD, Yieldbird

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  • Do We Still Need Sales People in a Programmatic World?

    Will programmatic buying and selling replace the need for sales teams? No, of course it won’t. However, it will require a new set of skills to be honed, writes Paul Gubbins (pictured below), independent ad tech consultant, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

    Having been involved in helping companies to train and transition their direct sales forces from an IO- to a programmatic-view of the world, I wanted to share some thoughts on what I believe the sales teams of today and [...]

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  • The Goal of Owning Full-Stack Ad Decisioning: Q&A with Rajeev Goel, CEO, PubMatic

    With transparency, arguably, being one of the hottest topics in the advertising field in 2017, PubMatic is standing firm on transparency needing to go deeper than clarity around fees and the source of inventory. As highlighted with the company’s ‘Let’s Be Clear’ campaign, it lies in the value exchange and the perception of value in the programmatic ecosystem. ExchangeWire speaks with PubMatic’s co-founder and CEO, Rajeev Goel, about PubMatic’s journey through ad tech and the position it holds in an [...]

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  • Publishers Are the Glue That Holds the Landscape Together: Q&A with Max Pepe, VP Marketing, Mozoo

    As the world becomes increasingly mobile-oriented, ensuring mobile publishers are capturing maximum yield is of great importance, and something mobile platform Mozoo is keen to address. ExchangeWire speaks with Max Pepe, VP marketing, Mozoo, about the company’s recent acquisition of AdinCube (technology specialising in in-app monetisation) and how this will help to solidify Mozoo’s efforts to optimise publisher monetisation, both in-app and on the mobile web.

    ExchangeWire: Mozoo recently acquired AdinCube – an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered in-app mediation technology – [...]

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  • The Ongoing Search For Quality: Q&A with Dominic Trigg, OpenX

    ExchangeWire speaks with ad tech industry veteran, Dominic Trigg, about his role as vice president EMEA at OpenX; the industry changes he’s seen throughout his time; along with the key challenges the industry is still tackling. 

    ExchangeWire: You recently joined OpenX as Vice President, EMEA – what attracted you to the company and what are you looking to accomplish in your new role?

    Dominic Trigg: As the senior vice president of Rocket Fuel’s international business, I oversaw the purchase of hundreds of [...]

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  • Future-Facing Rubicon Project CEO Positive Despite Continued Losses

    Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI) released its Q2 2017 earnings after close of trading on 1 August, with a positive outlook coming from Rubicon CEO Michael Barrett, despite the company posting another quarter of losses.

    Revenue missed expectations across the board at USD$42.9m (£32.5m) for the quarter, down 39% on the same period in 2016. Net loss was USD$11.6m (£8.8m), compared with a net loss of USD$2.6m (£1.96m) in the second quarter of 2016.

    In terms of advertising spend, Q2 generated USD$204.4m (£154.8m) [...]

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  • What is SPO & Why is Everybody Talking About It?

    If you work for an agency trading desk, programmatic buying unit, or client trading desk you are already doing it; if you work for an SSP, you will be responding to RFPs about it; if you are a publisher, you are asking what impact this is going to have on increasing yields and fill. So what is supply path optimisation (SPO) and why is this new acronym going to feature heavily on ad tech panels in the coming months? Writing [...]

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  • Is it Make or Break Time for UK Publishers?

    The UK’s media industry is at a precarious crossroads. There are regular reports in the press about the deterioration of ad revenues and the increasing dominance of the duopoly of Facebook and Google in the digital market. The News Media Association (NMA), have recently asked the government to help in the matter stating“The value chain of digital news has become wildly out of step with the contribution that each player makes and this is not sustainable.” As [...]

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  • Do Go Chasing Waterfalls – As Long As They're Automated

    The waterfall is a dependable, yet seemingly outdated, technique allowing publishers to optimise their yield. But the waterfall isn’t dead yet: according to Alex Bornyakov (pictured below), CEO, VertaMedia, it needs to become automated to maintain its relevance. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Bornyakov explains, when it comes to video advertising, waterfalls are an important and ever-present part of the buying and selling process and the automation of them will help to iron out the negatives.

    Waterfalls aren’t currently the most fashionable [...]

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