Tremor International Taps DoubleVerify for Authentic Brand Suitability


DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced the launch of its Authentic Brand Suitability solution with Tremor International, a leader in video and Connected TV (“CTV”) advertising. Tremor offers an end-to-end technology platform, encompassing the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP, that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences and publishers to maximise yield on their digital advertising inventory. 

The launch allows Tremor Video and Unruly’s advertising clients to leverage the pre-bid targeting solution to create a centralised set of brand safety/suitability and fraud controls, and automatically deploy these controls across campaigns and devices, including desktop, mobile web, mobile app and CTV. In addition, advertisers within the platform will now have access to heightened levels of protection, driving gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance.

“Driving better advertiser outcomes, whether across CTV, desktop or mobile video, starts with ensuring that inventory is optimised per the marketer’s specific suitability demands,” said Steven Woolway, EVP of Business Development at DoubleVerify. “Authentic Brand Suitability helps accomplish this objective, by offering the most advanced brand safety, suitability, and fraud solution available in the market today. DV’s enhanced integration with Tremor International reinforces our commitment to help advertisers ensure protection of their brand equity, wherever and however they buy digital media.”

Traditionally, advertisers have employed ad blocking, a control to reduce post-bid block rates and associated wasted investment. Through blocking, advertisers are protected from having their ads appear in unsuitable environments – however, they still incur the cost of this media.

Authentic Brand Suitability drives better advertiser outcomes by aligning pre- and post-bid settings, significantly reducing wasted cost of media through pre-bid avoidance. Authentic Brand Suitability is one of the most efficient and effective ways for advertisers to protect their brand equity against safety and suitability violations – evidenced by DV data that shows an overall 26% lower block rate for programmatic media properties supporting Authentic Brand Suitability.

Other key benefits for Tremor Video and Unruly advertising clients using Authentic Brand Suitability include:

- Customisable Controls: Fully customisable set of controls provide the ability to build a targeting profile combining 90+ brand safety and suitability categories (the broadest available), inclusion/exclusion lists, keyword avoidance, 40+ language avoidance, site/app IVT threshold avoidance and custom-built brand categories.

- Operational Efficiency: Streamlined operations using DV Pinnacle, the industry’s first unified service and analytics reporting platform, to create a single profile that drives automatic, consistent updates to both post-bid measurement settings and pre-bid targeting across multiple DSPs.

“As long-time leaders in the video space, we pride ourselves on the ability to empower our clients with innovative solutions, helping them maximise the effectiveness of their advertising initiatives,” says Jessica La Rosa, Vice President, Partnerships & Data Operations at Tremor International. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with DoubleVerify to enable one of the most robust programmatic brand safety and suitability solutions in the market.”

This announcement builds on the existing partnership between DV and Tremor International. Earlier this year, Tremor Video and Unruly were awarded DV’s CTV Targeting Certification, demonstrating the platform’s ability to avoid fraud on CTV devices using DV’s pre-bid app and device fraud protection.

To find more information on Authentic Brand Suitability, contact sales@doubleverify.com.


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