Ogury and The Trade Desk Partner to Offer Cutting Edge Programmatic Mobile Advertising for Media Buyers

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Ogury, a global technology leader in mobile advertising anchored in privacy protection, today (15 December) announced a direct integration with the global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk. Media buyers can now access Ogury’s high-performance, privacy-conscious mobile advertising solution directly through The Trade Desk.

In line with an industry-wide development towards Supply Path Optimisation, this direct integration will enable agencies to run Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns, taking advantage of Ogury’s curated inventory, data targeting capacities and international presence to run campaigns more efficiently. 

Media buyers can now seamlessly access Ogury’s data-enriched impressions through a range of buying models. Similarly, publishers from Ogury’s network gain new opportunities to monetise their mobile website and applications, as they benefit from additional demand for their advertising inventory, which The Trade Desk’s brand and agency clients bring. 

Ogury’s integrated solution includes:

- Personified Targeting uses proprietary data to reach custom-defined, relevant audiences at scale, independent of cookies or IDs

- Placement through a portfolio of fully on-screen formats which display 100% of the ad’s pixels during the full exposure time of the ad

- Increased reach across mobile environments, with both in-app and mobile web inventory

- Direct access to Ogury’s partner inventory, with the goal of increasing cost efficiencies for advertiser’s campaigns

- Tools that aim to provide comprehensive brand protection, including pre-bid fraud protection

- OMID-compliant inventory for seamless and accurate viewability measurement on in-app and mobile web placements with any measurement partner.

This integration comes as the mobile programmatic industry is projected to represent almost 83 billion dollars of ad spend by 2023 in the US alone. While Ogury deals have been available to run on The Trade Desk for several years, this new direct integration allows media buyers to easily activate new types of deals such as Programmatic Guaranteed.

“We’re glad to work more closely with The Trade Desk, one of the world's leading DSPs. Programmatic buying represents an important part of our revenue. With this direct integration we’re simplifying the life of media buyers, allowing them to easily get access to our unique solution based on quality inventory and relevant targeting, with user privacy in mind”, said Thomas Pasquet, CEO, Ogury.”

“We’re pleased to reinforce our collaboration with Ogury to empower programmatic buyers with access to their exclusive solution, based on curated inventory both in-app and on mobile web”, said Dave Castell, general manager inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk. “Our mission has always been the same – to support the ad-funded open internet as the best place for marketers to achieve their goals. Central to this is the ability to accurately measure across channels. That’s why the inventory standard developed by Ogury – fully on-screen formats – is particularly appealing, as marketers look for reliable viewability metrics.”


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