IBM Reaches & Retargets Segment of 1.4 Million B2B Safari Users With ID5 & MediaMath

ID5, the market-leading identity provider, in partnership with technology pioneer MediaMath, today (August 9th, 2022) announced that they enabled IBM to reach and retarget 1.4 million B2B users in Safari and benefit from more competitive CPMs while honouring the users’ privacy choices.

With 40% of global traffic currently unaddressable due to restrictions on third-party cookies in Safari, Firefox, and Edge, it has become difficult for advertisers to execute campaign strategies such as retargeting and customer prospecting in these browsers. Various alternative ID solutions have emerged to enable brands to effectively reach cookieless traffic and maximise their advertising investment today while helping them prepare for the cookie-free era of digital advertising.

IBM realised the value that alternative IDs provide when it comes to reaching their audiences efficiently and at scale and measuring campaign performance across all browsers. At the same time, the company wanted to find a partner that offers privacy-by-design and encryption mechanisms that respect and enforce users’ privacy preferences.

With this goal in mind, IBM partnered with ID5 and MediaMath to execute a proof of concept campaign in the US across desktop, Android, and Apple iOS devices, leveraging the ID5 ID to recognise B2B Safari users and the DSP MediaMath to retarget them.

By leveraging the ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration, IBM was able to maximise its campaign budget as the average CPM was 21% lower across Apple iOS users compared to the average CPM across Android devices.

CPMs in cookieless browsers are up to 50% lower than in Chrome, given that buyers are not willing to invest much on unaddressable cookieless traffic. Advertisers leveraging identity resolutions, such as ID5, can effectively address Safari users while benefiting from lower CPMs than Chrome due to the lack of competition. At the same time, publishers see their average Safari or Firefox CPM increase, as various case studies have demonstrated, since their traffic becomes addressable and, therefore, more attractive for buyers.

“Reaching B2B Safari users can be extremely difficult, and that’s why we were so pleased with the results we saw with ID5 and MediaMath,” said Richard Brandolino, global media channels and ad tech leader at IBM. “This is an important learning that could benefit many companies who wish to target business users in cookieless environments.”

“The success of our work with IBM demonstrates the effectiveness of the ID5 ID and our ability to help advertisers maximise not only the audience they can reach with their campaigns but also their efficiency and ad dollars,” said Joe Quaglia, VP of sales and business development at ID5. “It is great to see industry leaders such as MediaMath investing in solutions to support their advertisers in the cookieless present as well as the cookieless future.”

“The cookieless future is already here in many instances. MediaMath clients can work with their choice of identity provider, and ID5 has proven its success among B2B Safari audiences. We’re looking forward to scaling IBM’s campaign’s further using ID5’s solution worldwide” said Jared Lansky, SVP of partnerships at MediaMath.