The Stack: AI Firms Risk Falling Foul of Regulators; Criteo Fined €40m for GDPR Violations

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This week: research predicts an oncoming clash between AI firms and regulators, Criteo fined €40m (~£34.2m) in France... 

Another tumultuous week for tech giants began with a report that firms developing AI could clash with regulators trying to control the nascent tech. Regulators in the EU, however, faced a very immediate challenge when German retailer Zalanda claimed it had been unfairly targeted by the Digital Services Act.

Google was in the dog house once again after new research suggested the tech giant breached its own standards for placing video ads on third-party websites. Criteo, however, stole the spotlight, with France's data privacy watchdog issuing the firm a revised fine of €40m (~£34.2m) for GDPR violations.

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