LiSTNR increases CPMs by 15% with NumberEight’s Identity Platform

NumberEight, a leading identity platform for AI-based behavioural intelligence, and LiSTNR, a leading radio broadcaster in Australia, have partnered to revolutionise radio advertising through advanced targeting. Since adopting the NumberEight platform in July 2022, LiSTNR has achieved remarkable results, including a significant 15% CPM lift.

LiSTNR's extensive network of 25+ stations currently reaches over 95% of the Australian population. NumberEight's AI technology allowed LiSTNR to address challenging advertiser briefs such as targeting hard-to-identify personas such as 'Couch Potatoes' for the Body Shop and individuals characterised as 'House Proud' for Jim Beam.

The key to reaching these elusive personas lies in NumberEight's identity platform which uses on-device AI to enable in-moment and cohort-based targeting. By leveraging raw sensor data from listeners' mobile devices, the technology accurately captures live moments such as working or jogging and assigns behaviour-based cohorts like Travellers or Long-Hour Workers. This unique approach allows LiSTNR to infuse its inventory with valuable data, enabling advertisers to deliver relevant ads that truly capture listeners' attention.

Within a mere 9-month period, NumberEight delivered impressive results for LiSTNR. Kim Loasby, digital ad Product & strategy director at SCA/LiSTNR, commented, "The ability to offer hyper-targeted campaigns without the need for PII or identifiers is ground-breaking."

The profound impact of this new technology is evident in the increased value of impressions for advertising, resulting in a remarkable 15% CPM lift. Furthermore, with NumberEight, 92% of all impressions had a cohort or live moment assigned, ensuring that every single impression delivers value for advertisers. The collaboration also allowed LiSTNR to attract new advertising campaign budgets from brands such as Bob Jane and Swisse, who were captivated by the ability to target against behavioural and live moments.

But how exactly does this technology add value? Cohort-based targeting delivers three key benefits for publishers and advertisers. 

Firstly, unbiased behavioural data derived from real and current user behaviour, detected by sensors on users' phones, eliminates any self-reporting bias. For example, a user who used to be an avid jogger and is now primarily a gym-goer would be accurately assigned to the appropriate cohort, even before they consciously identify the change themselves.

Secondly, live targeting optimises ad experiences by focusing on user’s current needs and preferences, making sure the right message reaches the right audience at the right moment. This approach maximises impact and minimises ad noise by delivering ads aligned with user’s present activity. For instance, a user watching Netflix while recovering from a stressful workweek may not be receptive to a sports drink ad – but they might be interested once they return from their morning run.

Lastly, the use of edge AI allows data computation and processing to take place on the user’s device, thus guaranteeing privacy and eliminating the need for IDs or PII. This advanced solution empowers LiSTNR to address their entire audience and monetise their full inventory while reassuring advertisers with a future-proof and privacy-first solution.

The partnership between NumberEight and LiSTNR represents a groundbreaking advancement in audio advertising, enabling hyper-targeted campaigns, increasing ad value, and delivering highly engaging listener experiences. With NumberEight's AI-powered targeting capabilities, LiSTNR has truly transformed the landscape of audio advertising in Australia.


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