Industry Review 2024: Retail Media to Continue Stellar Rise?

ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, where we take a look at the top trends for an era-defining year. Retail media promises ‘eye-watering’ margins – will it continue to grow in 2024?

In 2023, Retail Media rose to become a playing field with ‘eye-watering margins’ that everyone wanted in on. To realise the full potential of this category, we need to think beyond sub-scale: a thousand retail media sites need to be packaged for buyers. We need to see the aggregation of retail and commerce media sites in order to access audiences at scale. 

Will retail media cement its place as the hottest topic on the conference circuit in 2024? And can it fulfil the early promise and buzz that surrounds it?

Key Questions

  • How will the industry navigate retail media in 2024? 
  • What are the innovations that will define the space?
  • What tech is helping brands get a footing in this hotly-contested market?

How do you see the growth of retail media continuing? Do you have a unique solution to put forward to your peers? Outline your point of view, illustrate your unique perspective and align your brand with this industry leading annual report. Get involved today, and have your say on an era-defining year.