Industry Review 2024: What's the Future of TV?

ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. TV is a massive area of interest - but what really defines the medium?

The Future of TV is one of our eight key pillars for Industry Review 2024, and at the heart of that discussion is coming together to really define what TV is: it’s neither linear nor CTV, it’s just TV. We now need to understand how we aggregate, activate and measure this new ecosystem. 

As streaming platforms supersede traditional linear viewing, and data opens up a wealth of possibilities for targeting, how will marketers treat ‘TV’, how best can they decide on spend? FAST, SVOD, the list of acronyms is growing - will this be the year we fully decide on what TV really means in the 2020s?

Key Questions

  • What are the opportunities for advertisers in  CTV? 
  • How is data-driven TV rising above the simple ‘brand-awareness’ medium and into a must-have for planners? 
  • In a fragmented landscape, what’s the right medium for ad messaging?

Do you have the answers to these questions? Do you have other challenges to pose to your peers? Are you offering an innovative CTV ad solution?

Outline your point of view, illustrate your unique perspective and align your brand with this industry leading annual report. Get involved today, and have your say on an era-defining year.