WEMASS Reaches 100% of Targetable Audiences with Permutive

The Spanish digital advertising marketplace has significantly increased levels of quality and flexibility in its client offering by using Permutive’s innovative Audience Platform solution.

  • Reaches 5 million users in activatable social networks 
  • Has the capacity to enrich profiles of nine different audience types with six million associated profiles
  • Activated 18% of traffic blocked by third-party cookies

London, 28 November 2023 - WEMASS, the leading digital advertising marketplace in Spain, is successfully reaching 100% of targeted audiences using the power and technology of Permutive’s Audience Platform. 

Since the partnership with the audience platform was initiated three years ago, WEMASS has activated 18% of traffic blocked by third-party cookies, which in turn has allowed it to make a significant leap in the quality of the services it offers its advertiser clients. Today, WEMASS has more than five million users in activatable social networks and has the capacity to enrich profiles of nine different audience types based on Prebid traffic with six million associated profiles.

WEMASS was born out of the merger of a number of Spain’s biggest publishers for the purpose of optimising digital marketing revenues within the context of the audiences available to the new conglomerate. "However, we don't sell support services, or mastheads for example. What we market are audiences and the impacts in all the media that make up the publishing ecosystem,” says Placido Balmaseda, general manager of WEMASS.

“For this, our first requirement was a solid Data Management Platform (DMP) as we quickly realised that we needed to work with our own platform," he adds. “Permutive’s solution provided us with all the capacity and flexibility required from a DMP to be able to analyse data and create segments. But beyond that it also gave us all the contextual tools that we needed to work with data in a way that was much more adapted to our business and our requirements."

Agility, innovation and customised solutions

Publishers face a challenging programmatic landscape, with users hitting “reject all’ and opting out of sharing their data, not to mention the upcoming regulatory changes in Spain. The Permutive partnership paves the way for WeMass to fill a growing data gap and take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself for publishers to build deeper direct partnerships with advertisers. With Permutive, WeMass has built out a robust audience offering to capitalise on agility, innovation and the ability to adapt to individual client needs, therefore generating increased ROAS.

As a result, WEMASS has positioned itself as a pioneer and innovator in the field of digital marketing. The marketplace has also made significant steps forward in service levels that are noticeable both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Alberto González, director of operations & data at WEMASS, said "Permutive gives us many more possibilities at the product level. We have a whole host of options to be able to target audiences based on capabilities that we didn't have before. It offers turnkey solutions to incorporate first-party data sources that give us insight into both audiences and advertisers. We could aggregate this information directly without the need for a five or six-month integration period, something that is required with other solutions on the market. In the case of Permutive, it is almost immediate so we were up and running within a month. Their solution is also very simple and intuitive to work with."

Joe Root, CEO and co-founder of Permutive, said that the key is to be "one step ahead, to offer agile, user-friendly and understandable solutions that allow our clients to differentiate themselves. We are aware that companies like WEMASS need to optimise their campaigns, segment them and target them very precisely. That requires innovation and deadlines are always short. We are very proud to see that this company is not only progressing, but is a marketplace that is at the cutting edge."


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