Gadsme + BRAVE announce groundbreaking partnership

BRAVE and Gadsme are delighted to announce a new partnership, which promises to deliver the best practices on intrinsic in-game advertising.

Gadsme, a leader in the gaming industry, stands as the most advanced in-game intrinsic advertising platform. Offering non-intrusive display, video, and audio ads, which is a world first. Gadsme prioritises preserving the player experience, while effectively reaching target audiences and maximising awareness for advertisers.

Partnering with Gadsme provides brands access to an extensive gaming audience while delivering messages organically. The partnership between BRAVE and Gadsme marks an exciting chapter in in-game advertising. BRAVE, known for premium branding ads from top global brands, will empower Gadsme's platform with its advertising expertise, creating a dynamic synergy between industry leaders.

As this partnership unfolds, both BRAVE and Gadsme will benefit greatly from each other’s experiences and provide new experiences to their clients. The potential for in-game advertising is immense, unlocking new opportunities for authentic and engaging brand connections. The BRAVE and Gadsme collaboration is a significant milestone in the evolution of advertising in the gaming industry.

“As we embark on this journey with Gadsme, we recognise the transformative potential of our partnership for both companies. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of advertising within the gaming industry. By merging Gadsme's cutting-edge intrinsic advertising platform with BRAVE's branding capabilities, we aim to set a new standard for authentic and engaging brand connections in the gaming landscape,” said Amir Sharer, CEO at BRAVE.

“We’re excited to partner with Brave as it’s a crucial part of our growth strategy, to deliver premium brands into premium games without harming the gameplay. We have worldwide audiences and the games, and they have the leading global brands. It’s a natural fit and we’re confident this will benefit both advertisers and gaming companies," Said Simon Spaull, chief revenue officer and co-founder, at Gadsme.


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