Kevel Announces Retail Media Cloud™ Ushering in the Age of Differentiation for Retail Media Networks

Kevel, the API-led ad-serving company, is announcing its new solution: the Kevel Retail Media Cloud™ to deepen its retail media focus and drive advanced product innovation for retailers and marketplaces with on-site and in-store retail media ad products. 

The new Retail Media Cloud solution unifies Kevel’s ad-serving, forecasting, audience-building, and self-serve capabilities, helping retail media publishers and networks differentiate themselves in the increasingly crowded retail media market. 

One of the greatest challenges across the retail media space is the inability for multi-channel retailers to utilise their own sophisticated data models, algorithms, and machine learning capabilities within ad serving environments. The Retail Media Cloud changes that, allowing retailers to integrate their own relevance scoring and machine learning capabilities to target their ads and provide relevant customer experiences.

The introduction of the Retail Media Cloud solution comes at a pivotal time for the billion-dollar retail media industry as advertisers are demanding inventory, flexibility, and ROI from retail media platforms. The Retail Media Cloud was created to help retail media and marketplace clients capture this demand by enabling them to offer the best mix of data targeting, ad formats, and measurement while preserving their brand, data assets, and shopper experience.

“Retailers feel stuck turning to commodity solutions and offering the same old ad formats through limited black-box third party providers or their own in-house solution. This may grow their bottom line to 3% GMV in the short term, but won’t last in competition with innovative players like Amazon and Walmart, who are seeing 8% GMV,” says James Avery, founder and CEO of Kevel. “Retailers are either frustrated with the slow development, high costs, and limited scale of in-house solutions, or they’re sick of the latency and lack of control they have with third-party providers against a backdrop of data privacy chaos due to third-party cookie practices.”

Kevel’s Retail Media Cloud allows retailers to de-risk building a unique ad platform with flexible tools to create a RMN, with key features like campaign management automation, decisioning, and the flexibility to run any ad format or selection method they can dream of, all while keeping their data safe and secure at scale.

Innovative retailers and marketplaces like Edmunds, Slickdeals, and Farfetch are driving the next wave of innovation and simultaneously bringing their points of differentiation within their control including ad formats, site experience, use of unique data and the ability to provide measurement to their valuable advertising partners. Building on Kevel’s Retail Media Cloud allows them to retain the benefits of world class ad tech that they own without the heavy build costs and risks associated with partners.

"Kevel's APIs helped us build the fastest, most innovative ad product in our industry."
- director of ad engineering, Edmunds.

"Our homegrown solution served us well, but lacked some functionality around reporting, targeting, and budget pacing. Kevel allowed us to easily add these features and opened up opportunities we didn't have before." - Eugene Faynberg, VP of ad operations, Slickdeals

Through unique on-site ad units, improved data control, and enhanced shopper experience and margin management, retailers can now capture more media spend through their own in-house ad platform while reducing their build costs.

Kevel’s flexible API-based ad infrastructure is designed to help its customers differentiate their ad platforms in an overcrowded market. With this unique position in the market, Kevel is dedicated to innovation and focusing on the current and future needs of the evolving retail media industry as it enters this new age of differentiation.

For more information about Kevel Retail Media Cloud™, please visit www.kevel.com.


Kevel is powering innovative, flexible ad tech infrastructure APIs that fuel its Retail Media Cloud™. This unique offering empowers multi-brand retailers to launch differentiated retail media networks that improve the shopper experience while...
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